Monthly Archives: September 2016

Couch to 5K

I completed couch to 5k before I started blogging, but I wanted to share with you what I got from it, and some thoughts I had during the program. Firstly, I cannot recommend this set of podcasts highly enough. I’ve never been a good runner, and four months after giving birth I couldn’t have ran… Read More »


I’ve read a lot of posts on other blogs over the last week about Autumn, what people love about it, their hopes for the season, what they are looking forward to, Autumn fashions and recipes, there seems to be a lot of Autumn love out there. This has made me wonder, Do I love Autumn?… Read More »

Mum Tum

It seems to have become cool to say “I love my tummy and my stretch marks, they remind me of what my body has created, and i’m proud of it!!” This kind of body positive thinking is amazing, it’s really brilliant, a reminder that we don’t all snap right back, and that we don’t have… Read More »


It’s going to be a good day! The kids are both really tired after their hard week, so its pj’s, films and baking! (and cleaning, washing, cooking and bed changing. Which I think i’d somehow forgotten I would have to fit in around work and everything else.) I’m going to share with you my banana… Read More »