A Bit About Us


This is us. Well us 2 years ago, before The Girl, with a very chubby faced Boy. I hate photo’s of myself, but I will attempt to update soon.

We are, Me, Donna. A work at home mum, which is something I never expected to be. I love cooking, baking, running, Pilates, coffee, chocolate, blogging and other writing. I don’t really like other peoples children or animals!

Hunky Husband is a chef, he cooks me amazing food, and looks after us all incredibly well.

The Boy is 6, he isn’t Hunky Husbands. Is in Year one at school, obsessed with Pokemon, Star Wars, Dinosaurs and all other typical boy things.

The Girl, Bobsy, is one. Annoying as I’m sure this is she’s pretty much a perfect baby. Eats and sleeps brilliantly. Loves Iggle Piggle.