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Top Tips for Moving House With Kids

Number one. Don’t. Haha. No, really. Don’t. As anyone that knows me or listens to me moan on social media will know, we’ve been moving house for the last few weeks. I’ve moved about 10 times in the last 11 years. It’s something I do quite a lot. So, I should be an expert. I’m… Read More »

Our Summer To-do List

You may remember 10 Things I Hate About Winter. I hate winter. But, despite being one of those awful people that complain when it’s too hot I love Summer. I love not having to put a jacket on and the evenings being lighter. I’m not quite as keen on boiling feet in bed or sweaty pants… Read More »

Kaya Mother-Daughter Jewellery Review

I’m going to be totally honest here, when Kaya Jewellery got in touch and asked me if I’d like to review one of their mother-daughter jewellery sets, my first thought was “oh no, it’ll be really naff!”. I’m so massively not into big necklaces with “mum” on and things like that. However, I’m pleased to… Read More »

Great Popcorn Flavour Ideas

Popcorn is absolutely huge right now, isn’t it? The crisp aisle of supermarkets and shops has given up a good section to different brands and flavours of popcorn and even cinemas have started offering more options when it comes to popcorn flavour. I can certainly see why. Popcorn is hugely addictive, tasty, much healthier than… Read More »

My Happy List #10

Well, that was a busy few weeks. You may remember in my last happy list I mentioned we were moving house? Well, since then, we haven’t stopped! I’ve also had a horrible cold the last week (starting on moving day, obviously!) and had to clean our old flat. I’ve hit that wall where you feel… Read More »

Mushroom and Halloumi Spaghetti

Do you ever have one of those days when you really want to eat something? But you’re not sure what to do it with? Well, this week I bought a block of halloumi from Lidl. I desperately wanted halloumi for lunch so scoured the fridge and cupboards for something to do with it and then,… Read More »

Our Favourite Family Meals

Do you have favourite family meals that you always come back to? Those recipes that you’ve perfected over time that the whole family love eating? I know we do. We try to experiment as much as possible and try new things. I think eating the same five meals all the time is boring and that… Read More »