Why Building the Perfect Playroom is Easier Than You Think

When it comes to home decor, there are so many different ways that you can have fun with design. Not only can you learn new skills and trades with a bit of DIY, but you get to inject a lot of your own style and personality into each and every room. Each and every room you create will be special, but sometimes, the most enjoyable rooms to design and decorate in your home can belong to your children.


Designing the perfect room for your little ones doesn’t have to focus on where they sleep. Sometimes, it can be a lot of fun to create a fun room for them too. If you’ve always wanted to create a specific playroom for your children to enjoy, then now’s the time. With these handy hints, it’s so much easier to accomplish than you think. With a bit of color, clever storage and creativity, you can create a cool playroom that your little ones will love.

Choose Your Space

First of all, you’re going to need to decide on the space you’re going to use for your playroom. Will it be upstairs or downstairs? Or maybe even your basement or attic space? This could be crucial to the overall operation. You need to know what room you have, what the room shape is and even how much light the room gets. Regardless of how big the room you choose is, or where it is located, you need to make a decision before you can plan anything else.

Think Of A Function

Next up, you might want to have a specific function in mind for the playroom – or even a theme. It’s always great to have fun together as a family, so you might want to create a cool game room for everyone to enjoy. Or, if your little ones need a space to work and play, you might want to create a room with a dual purpose – desks on one side and toys on the other. Either way, starting with a theme in mind is often quite useful.


Be Safe

Although it’s fun to be creative with your home decor, when it comes to creating a room for kids, you have to put practicality first. So, when it comes to choosing things like the flooring for the room, you’re best of being safe than sorry. Opt for the kids of flooring that are wipeable – like linoleum or laminate. That way, whether there’s pen on the floor or even food, you know you can wipe it right up, and the room will be restored to its former glory.

Keep It Clean

Along the same lines as flooring, we have the idea of colors. You might think it’s fun to use cool designs and quirky wallpapers, but make sure you think of your kids and their habits first. If they’re firmly stuck in the drawing on walls stage, you might be better off with a simple painted wall that is easy to clean, or even repaint. Colors can be fun though. So if you want to inject a little life, try to go big and bold with your paint choices.

Pick Out Furniture

You also need to think about the furniture you might need for the playroom. You can often need tables and chairs for you kids to sit at, play at or even study at. Once you know what the main purpose of the room is, it should be easy to work out what kind of furniture you want. Then, once you’ve found the right styles, simply make an order and put them together using Kenyon Adhesives and they’ll be ready to use in an instant.


Sort Some Storage

Alongside furniture, you’re going to need to make sure you have enough storage in the room too. You can often find some really cool options online. So, if you have a specific design theme or look in mind for your future playroom, your storage shouldn’t let you down. Whether you need to hide away toys, games or even study materials, you should be able to find a range of chests, bookcases, and boxes that work well with your design.

Fill It With Fun

Then, all that’s left to do is fill the room with fun. Not only should you aim to move their toys or school things into the playroom when it’s finally complete you’re going to want to make sure it has laughter. Whether you play some cool music or simply start to have fun with your kids, you’ll soon hear the sound of excitement and enjoyment and your atmosphere will be complete.

*This is a collaborated post.