Days Out

fish and chips

A Family Dinner Out at The British Oak

Eating out is something we in theory love to do. But, we’re not always very good at it. We’re not fussy as such, but there’s often a little bit of “well we could have made that better ourselves”. I’d never ...
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Our Day at the Tropical Butterfly House

I was my birthday recently. 31, I’m not entirely sure how this has happened to me. Surely, I was 19 a few months ago? Anyway, for my birthday, we normally go to Whitby for the day. I’d never been until ...
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Our Visit to The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds

About the Museum The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds is home to a huge collection of arms and armour. They have weaponry from many different battles throughout history. All accompanied by plenty of information about both the weapon and the battles it ...
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Our Visit to Weston Park Museum

In Sheffield, we are lucky enough to have loads to do. Museums, sports centres, soft play areas, an ice rink, and lots more. A lot of these places have kid’s activities, and even better, there is a lot you can ...
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Our Day at Cbeebies Nutcracker Festival

In Sheffield, we’re lucky enough to have some amazing theatres. This year the CBeebies pantomime is being filmed at the Crucible, today! Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this until yesterday so we didn’t get tickets for the show. However, the ...
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Little Owls Farm

All kids love a day at the farm. Most adults too for that matter. We’ve been staying with my parents this week, so went to Little Owls Farm in Worcestershire. They have animals, a soft play area, an area with ...
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The Girl’s First Play Centre Adventure

We took The Girl to a play centre for the first time today. I feel a bit like we might have left it a bit late, I remember taking The Boy when he was really young, maybe 6 months, but ...
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autumn scavenger hunt

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

The Plan Today we spent a lovely morning in the park. I printed some scavenger hunt sheets out from The Woodland Trust. They've got lots of really fun, simple activities for all seasons. You can filter them by age, season and ...
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