Designing Your Children’s Bathroom For Functionality & Style

By | February 9, 2017

If you are lucky enough to have an en suite for the grown-ups and a separate children’s bathroom you might be struggling to think of decor ideas for the children’s bathroom. You may also find it’s a room you neglect and don’t give much thought. However, having a nice bathroom which they enjoy spending time in can make them more likely to develop good habits for the future.

Give Them Some Responsibility

If they have some responsibility with regards to cleaning their bathroom they are less likely to make a mess. So make their bathroom part of their chores list. What they are able to do is dependent on their age, of course. But they can empty out the bin and wipe down the floors from quite a young age. Of course, things like bleach and limescale remover wouldn’t be done until they are much older. WebMed has an article here showing age-appropriate chores for children. So it is a quite interesting read if you’re looking to introduce this kind of thing into your home.


Make It Colourful

No matter how minimalist the rest of the house is or how neutral the colours are, the children’s bathroom is a space that will really lend itself to some colour. If there is one room in the house where you can afford to try different colours or patterns, then it is the family or children’s bathroom.

You could choose one statement wall of colour, perhaps where the sink and mirror are. You could just choose a strip of tiles around the bathroom to be patterned or a brighter colour than the rest. If the colour on the wall is too much for you, then think about adding the colour in your accessories. A white bathroom can look really striking with some bright blue towels and shower mats, as well as soap dishes and storage trays, for instance. So think about the colours you like and what your children will respond well to.

Think About Functionality

When it comes to a child’s bathroom, it is important to remember that they will be the ones using it. It might sound silly, but often we design this kind of space with ourselves in mind. So you need to think about making the space easy and accessible for them. Shelving needs to be within reach of them. So it might be worth having open storage under a pedestal sink, for example, and having foot stools by the sink for them to use. You could also think about getting a walk-in bath and shower, from somewhere like Then they can get in and out of the bath themselves, and when they’re old enough, can get in and out of the shower easily too. Just use some common sense when designing the bathroom, so that they can exercise a certain level of independence when they are in there. It will do both of you the world of good!

Make It Fun

You might never choose to have superhero towels or bath mats in your own bathroom. But if you’ve got superhero mad little ones, then why not make their bathroom a superhero haven? I do think that less is more with this kind of thing. However, keeping it simple with towels, a framed picture, and bath mats or accessories in an otherwise neutral bathroom, can look really good. Then you don’t have to redecorate when they grow out of it, but only the accessories need to be changed.

You can always opt for something a little longer lasting, such as a nautical theme or choosing certain patterns, like chevron stripes, for instance. Then they get the colour and pattern, making the bathroom more fun, but it will be a little longer lasting as they are less likely to ‘grow out’ of styles like that.


Practical Storage

Storage is important in all rooms in the home, but especially the bathroom. So when designing a children’s bathroom, make sure that you think about how to make the best of the space. In smaller bathrooms, you might need to get a little creative and think about making custom shelving to fit in all of the nooks and crannies of the room. You could get a small toy chest style of storage for things like towels, that will also double up as a set or as a shelf. You should think about storage for bathroom toys as well. It makes a bathroom look messier when they are all out on display, as well as shortening the lifespan of the toys. So some baskets or tubs that stack perhaps could be the way to go.

If you don’t have a specific children’s bathroom, instead focus on making your family bathroom stylish and child-friendly. Good luck and have fun!

*This is a collaborated post. Personally, I’d love just one nice bathroom!