Extra Cheesy Cauliflower Cheese

By | October 9, 2016

On paper this seems like a crazy idea, but there’s something about the texture of cauliflower that just works with a cheese sauce. I know generally people have this as a side dish, but honestly I could sit and eat a bowl of it on its own. I also love it as a topping for a jacket potato, I just find it so homely and comforting.

When I first wrote this recipe out, I put “100 grams of mature cheddar” then I weighed the block of cheese I was intending to use…it was closer to 200, I love cheese, the cheesier the better as far as I’m concerned, but adjust it to your own personal cheesiness desires.

You will need:

  • 1 Large cauliflowercauliflower-cheese-ingredients
  • 400ml Milk
  • 4 tbsp Plain flour
  • 50g Butter
  • 150g Mature cheddar
  • Pinch Salt and Pepper

Chop your cauliflower up and discard the leaves, boil in a large saucepan for 5 minutes, then drain and put into an oven proof bowl. While it’s boiling grate the cheese and put it to one side for later.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Return the saucepan to the heat, add the milk and butter and bring to the boil, stirring until the butter is all melted, then add the flour. Let this mixture simmer for 2 minutes, whisking vigorously. If it’s not hurting your wrist, whisk harder. The mixture will thicken during this time, if it doesn’t seem thick enough, carry on for a bit longer, but keep whisking, it will quite suddenly get a lot thicker.

Once it’s reached a consistency you’re happy with (thick, but pourable) take off the heat and add about 2 thirds of the grated cheese. Stir it in to the mixture until it’s all melted and you’ve got a nice thick, smooth, cheese sauce. Pour this sauce over the cauliflower, sprinkle the last of the cheese on top and pop it in to the oven. Cook for about 20 minutes, until the sauce is bubbling and the top has started to go a lovely golden brown.

cooked cauliflower cheese and jacket potato

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