A Family Dinner Out at The British Oak

By | June 27, 2017

Eating out is something we in theory love to do. But, we’re not always very good at it. We’re not fussy as such, but there’s often a little bit of “well we could have made that better ourselves”. I’d never order a steak in a restaurant because I know Hunky Husband could make me a nicer one.

However, as eating out is now quite rare, I very much enjoy it when I can. I’ve had a few lovely dinners out with friends over the last few months so on my birthday weekend I thought it would be nice to go out for dinner with the kids.

We take Bobsy out for lunch occasionally but with Husband working and The Boy at school, it’s not as often that he gets to join us. So, when he does we normally go to one of our favourites. The British Oak.

The Location

The British Oak is out of town, towards Derbyshire (possibly in Derbyshire. My geographic knowledge is absolutely appalling) but it’s a nice easy drive to get there. For us, it’s quite close to Husbands parents and was where we went on one of our first official dates so it’s become something of a special place.

The pub itself has a nice little grassy area with an outdoor seating area and an outdoor pizza oven. They often use this space for special events.

There’s also lots of lovely countryside nearby if you’ve got a big meal to walk off afterwards.

Not actual picture. I’ve got no idea where this is but it looks pretty!

The Décor

It’s got a nice old-fashioned feel to it. Lots of exposed beams, chunky food, old-fashioned tables and chairs and little details. There are stuffed animals on the walls which The Boy is absolutely fascinated by as well as other country themed decorations. Very homely and comforting. The perfect décor for enjoying a hearty meal.

The Food

The food is always our main reason for visiting. They do a special pie menu for £6 during the day and I can honestly say I don’t think, in all the times we’ve been Hunky Husband has ever had anything other than a steak and ale pie!

family dinner

I like to mix things up a bit more. The chicken burgers are gorgeous but on this visit, I went for a ham hock and pineapple pizza. It was amazing. Loads of meat, huge chunks of pineapple. As someone that makes their own pizzas, I’m very fussy but this one didn’t disappoint. The Bobsy stole quite a lot of it.

pizza British oak

The Boy generally has the kids fish and chips, which he loves. There are a few kid’s options but unfortunately not a kid’s pie which he would like.

fish and chips

The Facilities

The kids get their own menu, which has an activities and colouring sheet on the back which I like. I’m also always impressed that they have crayons. I’ve worked in a restaurant and we never had crayons!

They normally also bring over some plastic cutlery for Bobsy which I think is a nice touch.

The toilets are clean and well looked after, and there’s a great baby change. The only thing missing in terms of the kids is an outdoor play area. But, that seems to be missing from most pubs in the city.


The Staff

The staff are lovely. A lot of pubs and restaurants have a huge staff turnover, but The British oak doesn’t seem to. I always recognise some staff when we are there. They are all polite, friendly and try to speak to the kids even when it’s busy.

The Drinks

Apparently, they make their own beer or something. I don’t do beer so couldn’t possibly comment. Husband generally tries something different each time and always seems happy enough. I can, however, confirm that they do a great range of cocktails, some nice wines and a fantastic gin and tonic!


The British Oak is a firm favourite for our family meals out and I look forward to many more meals there in the future.




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