Main Meals

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

If a shepherd’s pie contains lamb because shepherds keep lambs and a cottage pie contains beef because…beef isn’t lamb, which is a vegetarian version? I’m calling it a vegetarian shepherd's pie because I think that sounds better but, if it ...
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wonky veg soup recipe

Wonky Vegetable Soup

About Wonky Veg Some of the larger Asda stores now sell large boxes of wonky vegetables. Basically, these are vegetables that don’t look perfect and would have normally been thrown away. There’s nothing wrong with them, they still taste exactly ...
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chilli con carne

Chilli Con Carne

I’ve blogged a chilli recipe before. But, it was at the start of my blogging journey, which invariably means it was awful! As I was making one today, I thought this was a good time to re-do it. Isn’t it ...
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homemade stuffed crust pizza

Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe

I made my first homemade pizza about a month ago. It was without doubt the best pizza I’d ever eaten, and I’ve made a few since (sometimes for the kids, I’m not like a pizza addict). Now, once you’ve mastered ...
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broccoli and stilton soup

Broccoli and Stilton Soup

Broccoli and stilton soup is my absolute favourite. I love cheese, I love soup, and I love blue cheese sauces generally. So, this is fantastic. It’s not something I normally get to have because Hunky Husband doesn’t like it. But, ...
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Homemade Chicken and Leek Pie Recipe

We had a situation last week, where whilst switching internet providers, we were internetless for 2 days. Which was awful. Especially as I work online. I ended up spending an evening with my lovely in-laws, so I could steal their ...
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Leek and Potato Soup

I’ve mentioned my love of soup before. It’s great. Especially when it’s cold. I also love potato. So potato soup is a definite win. We went to Elsecar Heritage centre today. It was absolutely freezing. This probably isn’t true. I’m ...
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homemade pizza

Easy Homemade Pizza

I love baking bread, I love cooking from scratch and I love pizza. Yet, for some reason, I have never made my own pizzas. I’ve brought store bases, and then added our own toppings, but I’ve never made the bases ...
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perfect American pancakes

Perfect American Pancakes

I love pancakes. The Boy didn’t when he was little, but does now. The girl is confused by them, she enjoys stabbing them with her fork but doesn't seem to want to put them in her mouth. So, basically, I've ...
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Gorgeous Sweet Potato Soup

I’ve never made soup. I’m not sure why, because I love eating it. It’s always just seemed like a bit too much trouble. There’s a blender involved, it must be difficult. This has been silly of me, as, on a ...
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mushroom and halloumi burgers

Halloumi and Mushroom Burgers

As with an awful lot of the food I make, this was out of a necessity to use some left-over ingredients. I had some salsa and Halloumi left from my Roasted red pepper and halloumi burgers that needed eating. They ...
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Roasted Red Pepper and Halloumi Cheese Burgers

Halloumi, as I’ve said before, is one of the best things ever! The flavour, the squeaky eating, everything, it’s amazing and should be eaten more! In this recipe, the tangy salsa works amazingly well with the sweetness of the red ...
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Homemade Toad in the Hole

I don’t ever remember having toad in the hole before tonight. I’ve had sausages, mash and Yorkshire puddings all together, just not cooked in the hole as such. So, this is Hunky Husbands recipe. It was absolutely amazing. It is ...
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Spinach and Ricotta Pasta Bake

Pasta bake is one of our go to family favourites. I am terrible for buying jars of pasta bake sauce. The kind you just pour over dried pasta and cook in the oven. It’s easy, and the kids love it, ...
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Halloumi Bake with Tomato and Basil

I’m slightly obsessed with halloumi. I love cheese generally, but halloumi is special. It isn’t like cheese. It’s just halloumi. It makes your teeth squeak and it’s wonderful. Coupled with my love of anything one pan and this is a pretty ...
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Greek Chicken Wraps

I worry that really this marinade is only Greek, because of its Greek yoghurt. But that will do. Tzatziki and flatbreads are Greek. So, it’s Greek! I make my own Tzatziki and flatbreads, but they are easy to buy if ...
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