Main Meals

cottage pie graphic

Cottage Pie

I always call this a Shepherd’s pie. It’s not, Shepherds keep sheep, not cows. I love this recipe, it takes quite a long time, but it’s big enough that you can save, or even freeze some for another day. I ...
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tagliatelle with blue cheese sauce

Blue Cheese Pasta

This is one of the grown ups favourites in our house. Although to be fair I've never tried the kids with it, and they generally love everything. I've noticed over the last few weeks blogging seems to be making me ...
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Spaghetti Bolognese

This is The Boy’s absolute favourite, Saturdays are our tired day, we get all our housework and homework done, then curl up with a DVD, before going out somewhere on Sundays, this strikes me as a little backwards, but it’s ...
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Stew and Dumplings

Now me and Hunky Husband make slightly different stew. I should give you his, with him being a chef. But mines better. I’ve never made a dumpling, however, so they’re his, but I think he just reads it off the ...
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