My Happy List #1

By | February 9, 2017

I’ve read lots of happy lists, or gratitude lists on other blogs over the last few months. I always think it’s lovely. We use our blogs to share ideas, and recipes, but also to have a good moan when we need it. A happy list gives us a chance to be only positive. I love this idea, and have been meaning to write one for a while. I can’t promise I will do it weekly, I’m just not that sunny a person! But when I’m feeling particularly cheery, I’m going to write my happy list!

Here’s what’s making me happy right now.


It’s The Boys birthday this week. Birthdays always make me look back on his life. He seems to be growing up so quickly. He’s silly, and loud, and makes daft noises near enough all of the time, but he’s also a rather lovely little man.


I weighed myself at the start of the week. It was a tad depressing. I knew I’d gained some weight, but not this much! So, I’m using this as an excuse to kick start my running again. I love to run, once I’m out there, but over winter I just haven’t been out there. I also went for a swim this week, which I hadn’t done for ages, I really enjoyed it.

Valentine’s Day

I know it’s cool now to say “we don’t do valentines” or “we don’t need a day to make each other feel special” and, we absolutely don’t. We look after each other, do things together, and buy each other gifts all the time. We cook nice meals, or go out for lunch regularly. Sometimes I even buy him a card, just because. And, he often works valentines, so we can’t do much. But, I love it. I like an extra excuse, and I’m looking forward to doing some valentines crafts with the kids at the weekend.


We had my parents up at the weekend, as they’re working on The Boys birthday, it was lovely. I somehow got them watching Catfish, which was hilarious. Then we all went to Hunky Husbands parents for Sunday lunch. We are incredibly lucky that we adore each other’s parents, they get on incredibly well with each other, and they all do a huge amount for us and our kids. I never quite understand when grandparents aren’t involved in children’s lives, I think they are incredibly important when it comes to raising small people.


Hunky Husband normally returns from work at around 9pm. I’m generally still working until 10. So if we want to actually spend any time together, we don’t go to bed until after 11. The kids wake up us most days between 6am and 7am. So, we don’t get a huge amount of sleep. But, when I hear other parents complain that their toddler, or young child still wake in the night, I think, at least we get 6 solid hours. I coped for 6 months’ breast feeding, but I couldn’t cope with years of it. I love my sleep.


As I write this, its freezing, and snow is looking immanent. But, earlier in the week, there were some signs of spring. It’s been brighter. When I ran, I was much too hot with my winter running layers on. Spring is finally on its way!

Two Tiny Hands

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  • Jane

    I love reading your blog xxxx

  • Merv

    What a lovely idea.
    We seem to spend so much time complaining about what’s wrong in our lives and the world in general (or maybe that’s just me!) that we take for granted all the things that make us happy.

    • I certainly do. There’s always a ‘I’ll be happy if’ or ‘when’. There’s actually an awful lot to be happy about right now.

  • True- so much to be thankful for when it all boils down.


  • Some great happy things here. I am with you on the excerise, need to get working out again before my bum hits the floor lol.

    • Haha yes, mines well on its way!

  • Awww this is lovely. I was feeling a little bit crappy this morning so it’s cheered me up again. Ha. Happy birthday Michael 🎂🎈🎉🎁

    • Aww I’m glad!! Thank you xx

  • Ah well done on the running I forced myself out for today too. Bit painful but glad I did it! We are in soon at the minute and it’s made me so hopefully for spring and some warmer weather – I cannot wait! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

    • Me either, hopefully it won’t be long now! Well done on your run!