Little Owls Farm

By | October 30, 2016

All kids love a day at the farm. Most adults too for that matter. We’ve been staying with my parents this week, so went to Little Owls Farm in Worcestershire.

They have animals, a soft play area, an area with toy tractors for the kids to ride on, a petting zone and a go kart track. We all had a brilliant time.


They don’t have an enormous number of animals, but we got to feed all the ones there. There were shows on teaching the kids how to feed baby animals, and The Boy got to have a go bottle feeding baby sheep and a deer, which he loved.

The Boy feeding a baby pig

We saw lots of Deer, running around their fields, hens and chicks, owls, pheasants, Pigs, foxes and small animals such as rabbits.

The animals are all really well looked after, and seemed to be enjoying all the attention.


As well as the feeding displays, there were other events such as sheep racing throughout the day.

The Girl has really enjoyed being around animals this week. She’s seen some before, but not for a long time, so this has been the first time she’s properly interacted with them. She’s totally in love with my mums cat, and spent the whole day at the farm trying to stoke everything.

The Girl stroking a goat

The Boy really loved the indoor toy tractor area, and the go-karts. These were all peddle powered, and I must confess mummy may have got a little bit carried away and competitive on the go-karts.

ride on tractorsAll in all, a really nice, relatively inexpensive day out, with enough to entertain all ages. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something to do around that area.



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  • Petite Library

    Wow this looks like a great place to enjoy as a family! And is that a baby kangaroo! Or am I just a total silly! ha ha #MarvMondays

    • donna

      Haha no it had 2 of them…wallabies I believe?!

  • This looks like a lovely little farm for a family day out. Not too big or too small, plenty of animals to see and lots of things to do. Definitely one to remember if we’re ever in that area 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily