Make Your Own Awesome Halloween Monsters

By | October 22, 2016

I might start calling this toilet roll tubes of the week. Honestly, how can one family possibly go through this much toilet roll?!

This week we’ve made the most of the last few weeks before Halloween, and made a Bat, Ghost and a Frankenstein.

The Boy is really disappointed with the Ghost, he said “is that it?!” but I think it’s quite cute.

You will need:

  • Toilet Roll tubes
  • Glue
  • Card
  • Paint

Firstly, paint the rolls, a black, a white and a green. Set them to one side and leave them to dry.The Boy painting tubes

Next draw out on a piece of card the shapes for the eyes, bolts, and bat wings. Cut them out (in my case totally ignoring the lines I’d just drawn). With the bat wings, you need to make sure they’re long enough to go around the back of the tube, and the bolts need to be long enough to go inside the tube and make a little fold to stick down.


Once they’re cut, paint them, and again leave to dry. Remember you need to paint both sides of the wings.

Have a cup of tea.

bat wings

Once everything is dry, put some glue on the centre part of the bat wings (about 5cm, enough to wrap around the back of the tube), and stick them in place. Glue on the eyes, and paint a little white mouth.

Glue on the eyes and mouth for the Ghost. Yes that really is it! You could cut the bottom of the tube to make a ghostly shape, but The Boy likes them all to stand in a line nice and neat, so we didn’t do this.

For Frankenstein, make 2 small slits in his sides, I use a craft knife for this, but sharp scissors would do, and slide in his bolts, reach inside and fold the ends down, secure either with glue or a bit of tape. Glue on his eyes, and paint a black mouth, and black spikes on the top for his hair.

Leave them all to dry for a while. Then add them to your monster collection.


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