My 50th Post!

By | November 7, 2016

I cannot believe this is my 50th post already. Who knew I had so much to say? My thoughts on blogging, as well as my life, have changed so much in the 2 months since I started Bobsy’s Mum. Without meaning to sound horribly soppy, blogging has changed my life. I’m going to use the special post 50 to look at how.


  • To begin with, it gave me the confidence to become a stay at home mum. That might sound daft, but I hated being back at work. But didn’t feel I could be a stay at home mum. Not only did blogging give me something that was mine, a focus away from the kids, it also introduced me to many other mums in my situation.
  • It meant I didn’t actually ever become a stay at home mum. Blogging got me back into writing. I love to write. So I signed up for Upwork to try and make a little cash. I’m now an actual writer. I get paid to write. This is a dream come true.
  • It’s got us doing more as a family. We craft a lot more, there’s some great ideas out there, and we’ve really loved having a go.
  • We eat better! When I started the blog, I expected to moan a lot. I didn’t realise we had so many great recipes in our arsenal. We’re eating new exciting meals more often.
  • I don’t actually moan at all! Well not often. I’ve found I really love sharing recipes and craft ideas. They’re our favourite things. I much prefer the positive posts.

I’m happier now, I earn more, I’ve made some great blogging friends already. I’ve stolen lots of ideas for us to do as a family. Life is great. My blogs still tiny, but steadily growing, and I love it. Thank you to everyone that views and comments! It’s a pleasure writing for you.

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