Our school week.

By | September 26, 2016

The Boy seemed to have a really nice week at school last week. He seems much more settled, which has improved his behavior enormously. He’s also now had 8 dry nights in a row, which is absolutely amazing, 10 is his record. I think being happier at school is definitely a contributing factor.

He never tells me much of what he’s being doing, so it’s hard to really know what he’s enjoying, but there’s been no more tears in the mornings, so he’s definitely happy. It’s funny, last year whenever I asked what he’d been doing it was “Played outside” this year its “I don’t know”


He’s always been a great reader, even before reception he knew a few words, we read every night before bed. I put The Girl to bed, he gets his pajamas on and brushes his teeth, he reads to me, then I read to him. We’ve recently started Harry Potter, which I’m really excited about, I’m a bit of a Potter nerd, and I’ve been really impressed by how much of it he can read at 5.

My only worry is that school aren’t really pushing him hard enough. They use something called “reading recovery levels”, which from what I’ve read, is generally used for children that need to catch up, but for whatever reason our whole school use it. He’s been on level 11 now since midway through reception. I’ve started sneaking the odd level 20 into his book bag, and he reads them absolutely fine. I leave notes about this on his homework and in his reading record which all seem to be being ignored.


In reception there didn’t really seem to be much maths, just learning how to write numbers and basic counting. so this morning when I sat down with him to do his morning work I was quite surprised. We go in at 8:40, change into indoor shoes, pick dinners and change reading books, then they have an exercise book, an activity is written on the whiteboard and parents are encouraged to stay and do it with them (most don’t, I wish I could believe it was because they were at work). This mornings task was to practice counting one more and one less from any number up to 100. He was amazing at it. I know he’s a clever little boy, but maths seems to have just appeared out of nowhere, he could not only count backwards and forwards from any number I said, he could also add and take away 10’s 2’s and 5’s.


This is still his weakness, but has come on a lot in the last few weeks. I think his main problem is concentration, if I keep saying “concentrate, take your time” its a lot better.

Other stuff

We had a letter home saying they’re getting dressed too slowly for PE so missing most of the lesson. The Boy has admitted he is one of the slowest, and school seem to think he doesn’t know how. He’s been getting dressed at home since he was 3 just fine, and quickly. so again I think its a concentration problem.

Finally, I struggled to do his homework this week. He drew and labelled fruit using adjectives, this was fine, did some “one more than” maths, fine. Then he had a map of the world, and had to label all the continents and oceans. I can’t do geography at all. I’ve honestly only recently learnt where Manchester is. And apparently Essex isn’t in London?! The Shame!

I highly recommend linking up with school days. I love sitting and looking back on our week at school, changes happen so fast, they change so much, it’s nice to really stop and think about what they’ve been doing.

Bubbablue and me school days linky

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6 thoughts on “Our school week.

  1. Emma T

    Ha ha, geography. That is embarrassing. Geography was my degree, so I’d love that stuff. We don’t get anything as hard as that. Today it was ‘write 2 sentences to describe a rocket;, and tomorrow it’ll be a maths worksheet, probably tens and units counting and adding. N’s good at maths compared with reading and writing, but he doesn’t know anywhere as much as yours is doing.

    Any reading Harry Potter is amazing.for this age. There’s no way N would entertain try one of those.

    Thanks for linking up #schooldays

  2. donna Post author

    I’ve always known he was a good reader, even as a very young toddler he’s loved books, but maths has really surprised me. How much work he’s doing in year one is a little scary, it’s a lot more than I remember!

    Between us we’ve got it covered, I’m good at English and Maths (I think!!) Hunky Husband is great at Geography and History. ICT may stump us!

  3. Kim Carberry

    Well done your boy. Reading Harry Potter at his age is fantastic!
    hahaha at the geography! I feel your pain though….I struggle to help with my girls and their maths homework.

    1. donna Post author

      Thank you! I’m loving us reading Harry Potter, I’ve been waiting for it!

  4. Rachel

    I think it’s pretty different at school in terms of eating and dressing, so I hope he gets used to it soon. Must be hard to be one of only a few at home and then one of 30 at school.
    I’ll try and enjoy the reception homework free time as long as it lasts – I’m still getting my head around the fact that we can only go away at specific times for the next 16 years!

    1. donna Post author

      I know what you mean, he’s never had much trouble with the eating, but I think all the other kids are just too much of a distraction when getting changed. We had quite a bit of homework in reception!!

      I feel a bit sorry for The Girl on the holiday front, when The Boy was little, we’d go down to stay with my parents quite a lot, really randomly, but now obviously The boy is at school so we can’t do it.


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