Our week

By | September 25, 2016

Its not been a bad week really.

In Real life:

  • The Boy has been much more settled at school, he’s going in without much fuss again and it’s really great to see how well he’s doing. He’s always been a great reader (he’s 5 and his favourite book is The Hobbit) but his hand-writing seems to be catching up now too.
  • He’s had seven dry nights in a row, which is amazing, I’m very proud of him, and he’s incredibly happy.
  • The Girl is really happy at her childminders and doesn’t miss us at all, she’s reaching out to cuddle him as soon as we arrive. She’s been letting go of furniture and standing unassisted, for a few minutes, doing things with her arms without falling. I suspect she could walk, it just doesn’t seem to have occurred to her yet.

  • She has started pulling her hair out…has anyone else had this? She literally grabs handfuls of it, pulls it out and then puts it in her mouth. All the time.
  • Hunky Husband has been working lots, but we’ve had some lovely evenings together, we are very good at making the most of our time. He keeps telling me he’s brought me something very good for our Anniversary, so that’s something to look forward to.
  • I’m still not enjoying going to work. Despite us being a lot more settled in our drop off/pick up routines. I just really don’t enjoy the job anymore. But because of the hours i’m available I’ve accepted that its what I need to do for at least a while longer.
  • It’s my 10K race next Sunday, since being back at work I’ve really struggled with it, my varicose veins don’t cope well with the hours on my feet at work (probably another reason I don’t enjoy it) so when I start to run they hurt almost straight away. I managed a 5k yesterday, but it took 40 minutes, which is quite a bit slower than I was doing, so I am a little worried about it.
  • we’ve really been embracing Autumn, lots of nice walks, warming meals, and a scavenger hunt

Online life:

  • I’m really starting to enjoy Twitter, it’s not something I’d really used until I started blogging, but I’m really getting into it now, and am oddly addicted to watching my followers grow.
  • Same with the blog, I’ve got into the habit of writing now, and find myself carrying a notepad around in case I have an idea. After just two weeks it’s becoming a little obsessive.
  • I’ve messed around with the themes and layout a few times (sorry) but think I like the simplicity of this one.
  • I’m already thinking I want to go self hosted, but think maybe I should stay here for a while, make sure it is something I’m going to stick to, before I make the commitment.

Hope all you lovely’s have had a brilliant week! x

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