Poor School Performance? Don’t Blame Your Child Just Yet

Guys, I’ve written about issues with school before. You may recall my post about the dreaded school phone call. Well, today, I’m thinking about school performance. What are the issues that can stop your child performing well at school and what are the first signs of these problems? If you can hit these issues on… Read More »

Safe Travels: Keeping Kids Safe on Trips

Travelling is amazing. It’s a great way for your kids to interact with the world beyond their home circles. Days out to museums are fun for the whole family and educational for your children. So it’s important to have as many days like these while you can. However, you have to be realistic; your kids… Read More »

Transforming Your Bathroom

At the end of a busy day, or when the children are at school, there is nothing better than a nice, relaxing bath. Whether you are surrounded by bubbles or luxuriating in the fragrance and sparkle of a bath bomb, taking a bath is a great way to destress and regain a sense of harmony… Read More »

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

If a shepherd’s pie contains lamb because shepherds keep lambs and a cottage pie contains beef because…beef isn’t lamb, which is a vegetarian version? I’m calling it a vegetarian shepherd’s pie because I think that sounds better but, if it is actually a vegetarian cottage pie I apologise. We’re not vegetarians. Far from it, we… Read More »

What Does The Perfect Kid’s Room Like Look?

If you’ve got kids and you’re thinking about renovating, no doubt the idea of updating their bedrooms has crossed your mind. But what exactly does a great kid’s room look like? It’s a question that has vexed many parents. Here we’re going to investigate all the ways in which you might update the existing space… Read More »

How to Prepare for Your First Race

Let me start by saying that this post does contain a sponsored link but, all views are as always my own. While I’m being honest I must also confess that while I generally try to use my own photos, I look terrible when I run, or go near a pair of shorts, so most of… Read More »

Chocolate Fudge Loaf Cake

I can’t bake cakes. I’ve always been very clear about this. That is until I made the lemon drizzle cake. The lemon drizzle cake is so amazingly good. Several have been consumed since that first one. When I posted a picture of the Lemon drizzle, the lovely Emma over at Bubba Blue and Me commented… Read More »

Toilet Roll Tube Knights

Where possible we try to keep our toilet roll crafts seasonal. At Christmas, we had snowmen and an advent calendar, approaching Easter we made chicks and bunny’s and now there are toilet roll tube knights. While knights may not seem seasonal to the rest of you, they are a big part of our Easter. We’re… Read More »

How I Spend My “Me Time”

Me time?! What is this? As a mum, it can be incredibly difficult to find time to yourself. I remember being on maternity leave and thinking “how will I have time for a job?”. In fact, since starting to work from home I’ve found that in some ways work was my me time. As depressing… Read More »

Chocolate and Cherry Tiffin

I’d sort of forgotten tiffin existed until recently. I had a friend at school that made gorgeous tiffin for us all and I loved it. Then I left school and somehow didn’t come across it for 10 years. I mean I’m sure it was around and probably on offer in cafes I went to. I… Read More »