Perfect Presents for a First Birthday

It’s The Girls first birthday next month, and then obviously Christmas not long after. I have this awful habit of buying absolutely loads, then a few days before thinking, “I haven’t got enough, I need to buy more”. The Boy’s first Christmas involved a rather terrifying amount of presents, most of which he hardly played with. He certainly didn’t care about how much I’d spent. So this time around I’m trying to control these shopping impulses, I keep reminding myself that she really isn’t bothered, she’ll just be happy to have a day with all her family to play with, and just buy her a few things that she could really love.

I wanted to share with you some of our ideas of great presents we can buy her, without spending a fortune or taking up more space than we’ve got.

  • The shape sorter. An absolute baby classic, I brought this simple one from TK Maxx, but there’s loads out there.2016-10-06-193810
  • Bath toys. They live in the bath! I really love these from Mothercare.
  • An aqua doodle. No mess!
  • “That’s not my” books. Both my kids have loved these books, I believe The Boy could from memory recite “that’s not my train”. There’s currently loads of them in Sainsbury’s at this great price.2016-10-06-193735
  • Toy gadgets. There’s nothing a baby loves more than playing with something they aren’t supposed to, Mummy’s phone, Daddy’s keys, the TV remote, get them their own so you can have yours back. This set from ELC is brilliant.
  • A soft doll or animal. I’ve brought The Girl a proper little doll from Wilko, she’s seen it in its box. She was terribly concerned that Mummy had shut baby in a box and keeps trying to mount a rescue!
  • Wooden pull along toys, like this one from John Lewis. Another classic, I adore all wooden toys, I think they’re beautiful, as soon as we’ve got space I’ll be getting her a wooden kitchen. The boy has got a giant wooden castle so it’s only fair.
  • And of course, every child’s favourite, the empty boxes the toys came in.

What did you get your kids for 1st birthday? Did anyone else get them anything you hated or love? Please let me know.