A Survival Guide for Modern Mum’s

By | May 10, 2017

Being a mum isn’t easy. It is wonderful, but anyone who tells you that it’s a walk in the park is telling fibs. If you’re expecting your first baby or you already have children, getting from one day to the next may sometimes feel like a survival mission. Life as a mum can be tough. But, with this guide, hopefully, you’ll have a lot more highs than lows.


Trust your instincts

Everybody will tell you that there’s no instruction booklet for raising kids. In the absence of a manual, your instinct can prove invaluable. Nobody knows your children better than you. So, if you’re doing what you think is best for them, there’s every chance that you’re going to excel in your role as a mummy. You may make mistakes along the way, but nobody’s perfect. The sooner you learn to trust your gut, the better.

Take some time out

Every parent has moments when they feel like they’re about to explode or they’re going to go mad if they don’t leave the house or take a minute to breathe deeply and calm down. This is normal human behaviour. Craving some me time doesn’t mean that you’re a horrible person. Even the most dedicated parent enjoys an afternoon off or a weekend away from time to time. Even if you just take the dog out for a walk or you go for a coffee with a friend, it’s good to have that bit of time when you’re not on mum duty.

I remember one day walking around Asda for an hour after popping in for milk because I just couldn’t face going home. Generally, I like to go for a run, have a long bath and walk around shops on my own. Even the odd hour makes alone makes the world of difference.

Give yourself peace of mind

Every parent dreads something happening to their child. Now, it’s not possible to keep your kids safe from tumbles at the park or accidents at home all the time. However, there are things you can do to give yourself peace of mind. If you’ve got a baby on the way, take some steps to childproof your home. Make sure your windows and doors are secure with window locks and door closers. Once your baby is up and running, fit some stair gates and put locks on cupboards that contain medicines or cleaning products.

How much babyproofing you chose to do is totally up to you. As long as chemicals are looked away and the stairs are safe they should be fine. We got cupboard locks, but The Bobsy quite quickly learned how to open them.

Ask for help

Most mums we know seem superhuman. They run around like headless chickens, ferrying children here, there, and everywhere and trying to work, run a house, and look after other members of the family at the same time. Being a parent is hard work, and sometimes, it’s really useful to learn when to ask for help. You may sail through some days and think that parenting is actually pretty easy, but on other days, it may seem like you’re swimming against the tide. Take advantage of offers from family and friends. If your mum or sister is desperate to help you out with the kids, don’t say no and insist that you’re fine if you haven’t slept for days and you’re running on empty. That’s what relatives and friends are there for.

Life as a mum is never easy. If you’re about to become a parent, or you already have kids and you’re struggling, hopefully, this guide will make life easier and show you that you’re doing a great job!

*This is a collaborated post.