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The Bobsy at 20 Months

I didn’t write a 19-month Bobsy update. This was in part because we were busy moving and I was neglecting my poor blog horribly. But, it was also because she doesn’t really change as much in a month anymore. It’s funny, in the first few days, the changes come fast, then suddenly they seem the… Read More »

The Bobsy’s Birth Story

The Bobsy is 18 months old, so her birth story isn’t quite as late as The Boy’s was. Nor is it as dramatic. It was almost perfect in the end. Pregnancy The Bobsy was sort of planned. Yet not quite. I had had a coil fitted but it fell out in December. We decided that… Read More »

The Bobsy at 18 Months

Since I started writing these little Bobsy updates life seems to go much faster. I can’t believe it’s been a month since 17 months. In some ways, I feel she hasn’t changed too much, certainly on the surface. But, when I actually sit and think about it, she has taken big steps towards being a… Read More »