The Girl’s First Play Centre Adventure

By | October 12, 2016

We took The Girl to a play centre for the first time today. I feel a bit like we might have left it a bit late, I remember taking The Boy when he was really young, maybe 6 months, but to be honest I think he just lay there. On the other hand Hunky Husband’s son announced when he was 6 that he didn’t really like them anymore, he was too old. So it seems to be quite a small window of fun.holding daddys legs

We choose one with quite a big “baby section” a lot of them I find have an under one bit, with just a few baby toys and maybe a ball pool, but the one we went to has an under two’s area, so there’s a lot more that she could do. A nice big ball pool, a few tunnels, some soft play blocks, and even a bit you could climb up, crawl through obstacles and come down the slide. This did however mean there was quite a few much older children playing in the same area. An almost two year old is a lot bigger and stronger than a baby. She was fine though, she’s a sturdy girl!

stealing all the ballsShe was really nervous for the first few minutes, she literally just stood holding on to her Dad’s legs, staring around. The she discovered the balls. She stayed close to us to start with, but soon began picking balls up and rolling them around. Then slowly she started crawling away on her own, to investigate things other children were doing, before eventually braving the slide.

It was so lovely to watch her, you could almost see what she was thinking as she got braver and more adventurous. It’s hard to believe that a few months ago she was a tiny baby, but equally hard to imagine that in a few months time she’ll be a full blown toddler. Next time we go she’ll probably be wondering round the baby section without needing my help.

All in all a really nice morning out, she really enjoyed herself (even though she refused to smile in any of the photo’s!), and tired herself out for a massive nap, which is never a bad thing.going down the slide

How old were your kids when you took them to a play centre? Or how old were they when they outgrew them? I myself went to an adult centre a few years ago, which was wonderful, but I found the slides a lot scarier now than I ever would have as a child.


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