Toilet Roll Tube Houses

By | November 20, 2016

It’s toilet roll tube craft of the week! I had a week off last week because I’m attempting to save enough tubes to make an advent calendar with them before the 1st of December. But we’ve all been a little poorly this weekend and didn’t fancy doing much, so we’ve returned to our old favourite easy crafting. This week we decided to go for toilet roll tube houses, as a change from our normal people based crafts.

These are really cute little houses, and there’s a lot you can change and do differently. I’ve got a pack of really cool patterned card from the range (£1.99 and I use it for everything, well worth a look!) but you could draw your own, as well as changing the windows and doors.toilet roll tube house bits

You Will Need:

  • Toilet Roll Tubes
  • Paints
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Card
  • Pens

Firstly, paint your toilet roll tubes, these can either be all one colour or go crazy and do some cool patterns.

painted tubes

While they’re drying, draw some windows on the card and cut them out. If you ever needed evidence of my lack of artistic ability, note I can’t even draw a window neatly!


Then make the rooftops. I drew around a kid’s bowl on my patterned card, and cut it out. Then fold into 4 to find the centre. Next using the centre point, cut out a wedge. Then fold it round, and put a bit of glue on where the edges overlap. This took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out. But, once you’ve done one it’s easy to do the rest.

toilet roll tube house roof tops

Once the tubes are dry, glue on the windows and cut out a door. Then Put a little glue around the top edge of the tube, press the roof on a hold in place for about 10 seconds until it starts to stick. I used superglue for mine because I’m exceptionally impatient and kept moving before they were ready.

Note…The Lego men don’t actually fit through my doors…make bigger doors!



My Petit Canard
Two Tiny Hands

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  • serenityyou

    These are really great and my kids would love to make and play with these #MarvMondays

    • donna

      I was saying the other day we need an extra shelf just for all our loo roll crafts!

  • They’re really sweet. You must get through lots of loo roll in your house!! Thank you for joining us for #marvmondays

    • donna

      A ridiculous amount!! I remember when I was a single mother living with a boy in nappies. It lasted forever. Now boys use my toilet!!

  • Kat

    Ah what a great idea! I’m sure my daughter would love this and I’m sure we could make it really Christmassy too! #MarvMondays

    • donna

      You know I didn’t even think to make them christmasy. I think I’m in Christmas denial!!

  • These are so cute, and so simple! Definitely going on my craft list – better start saving the toilet rolls! #MarvMondays

    • donna

      You’ll never throw them away again. I’ve always got some ready!

  • Awww I love all your toilet roll tube crafts. These are fantastic. I’m not sure Molly would sit for long enough to make them but I might make some just for me and play with them with her little Lego people when she’s gone to bed. Haha.

    • donna

      The Boy is 5 and he still gets bored after the painting! Sometimes I worry we’ll run out of ideas of what to do with our 100 tubes

      • I’m sure I have more fun with the crafting than Molly does ha. She’s getting a dolls house for Xmas so if you can come up with toilet roll tube dolls house furniture ideas that would be fab… save me a bit if money ha x

        • donna

          I can’t wait for mine to be old enough for a dolls house! Although I remember when I had one…it had like wallpaper inside. I peeled it all off to post through the letter box! I also cut all my dolls hair off. And some of their legs.

          • Well she is a little young yet but her cousin has one and she loves it so why not. I will be playing with that too when she’s in bed ha x

  • What a simple idea! Can’t wait for my little one to be old enough to do crafts like these (right now it would just be me!) #marvmondays

    • donna

      To an extent I think it’s always just you! Well it certainly is in our house!

      • Ha! I’ll definitely be the same. We tried painting for the first time the other day… entirely for my benefit!

        • donna

          How old? My girls just turn 1 and I’m dying to paint! The boys never really been that bothered

          • 6 months!! It was very DEFINITELY for me, he loved having paint on his hands but it went everywhere. Not something I’m going to repeat in a hurry (apart from for Christmas cards. Obviously 😂)

          • donna

            That’s it, I’m having a go!! I was planning on some handprint cards. It’s definitely time to start experimenting

          • I stripped both of us down first and did it on the bathroom floor! As your girls are older you might have more success, we ended up with him being paint stained for a couple of days but it was worth the hilarity!

          • donna

            I doubt it the amount of mess she makes with food! The bathroom is a great idea

  • These are cute! Perfect for little lego men! #marvmondays

    • donna

      We must have 1000 lego men to home!!

  • They look so cool! I’ve never thought about something like this so I’ll give it a go with my toddler soon 🙂 #MarvMondays

    • donna

      Toilet roll crafting will change your life!

  • These are so cool! I am definitely going to give these a go – my kids would love them!! #marvmondays

    • donna

      Thank you! We’re aiming for a village

  • Such a cute idea. There are so many things you can do with loo rolls. #marvmondays
    mama cat + baby bee

    • donna

      I really want to make a castle so I’m now saving kitchen roll too!!

  • These are great! My kids would love these and I should even be able to make them 🙂 #FamilyFun

    • donna

      If I can do it, anyone can! I’m the least artistic person ever!

  • Popping back for #FamilyFun I was about to throw put some toilet roll tubes and kitchen roll tubes in the recycling bin today but stopped myself. I will keep them from now on so I can make.some of your fab craft projects with them ☺

    • donna

      …I actually brought some home from my in laws tonight. I think it might be getting a bit weird

      • 😂😂😂😂😂

        • donna

          I’m going to be ‘the toilet roll tube blogger’ which, I suppose, is a niche!

          • You totally will. Haha. You could do so much with them. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with

          • donna

            Omg Christmas wrapping paper tubes!!

          • Haha. You have to do something with them!

  • What a great simple idea! I don’t save my toilet rolls I am starting to think I should be doing so! This is a missed oppertunity! Thanks for linking up to #famiyfun

    • donna

      Oh you should! They’re hours of fun!

  • What a fab idea and all the items are easy – in that you have them or they’re not hard to get. Very inspired use of toilet roll tubes! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun xx