Top Tips for a Stress Free Bedtime

By | November 5, 2016

Bedtime is obviously slightly different as they get older, or as new babies appear. The Boy is now 5, and his routine has changed slightly, but to be honest, not that much!

The Girl almost fell into routine around him. Hunky Husband isn’t normally here for bedtime, so it all falls to me, so a routine was really important. I never wanted having a new baby to interfere with our lovely bedtime reading, so from a few weeks old, I put The Girl in her cot, while me and The Boy read a story. For the first few weeks she’d cry until I got back. Then she just started falling to sleep. So, from about 12 weeks she’s gone to bed at 6:30. Which is awesome!

Routine is the key to bed time success. Kids love a routine. Mine don’t have baths every night, probably every other to every 3rd, depending how dirty they are. But they always have stories and some quiet time away from the other one.

It goes:

  • The Boy isn’t allowed his tablet or any other video games after tea (about 5:30)
  • The Girl has her last drink at 6
  • The Boy gets to pick a TV show of his choice (remember when you could only watch what was on?! He has no knowledge of this!) while I put the girl to bed
  • The Girl gets settled in her pj’s and sleeping bag. We have a cuddle and she lies down with her favourite toy. I read her a story, she often totally ignores me.sleeping bag
  • If TV is done before I am, The Boy goes and does his face and teeth and gets his Pj’s on.
  • He reads me a book he’s brought home from school, then I read him something we’re working through, Harry Potter at the moment. We used to do this with him in bed, but lately he’s asked to do it on the sofa.
  • By now it’s normally about 7:20, he’s then allowed to go and read on his own in bed until 7:45. We’ve only just started this, he’d go to bed and I could still hear him talking to himself at 9. So, I said he was allowed to read to himself but only until 7:45. I don’t generally have to go tell him, by 7:45 he’s stopped and fell asleep on his own.

stress free bedtime

This works really well for us, they both sleep until about 6:30am. I’m not a morning person, but I also like having that time to myself on an evening. I suppose my advice is, find a routine that suits your family, and stick to it, and try and have a calmer hour before bed. The same as you would!

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  • I wish I could find a routine that works with Molly… Usually she’s falling asleep on my knee which isn’t good, but I can’t get her to settle in her bed at the minute. Or sleep at all for that matter.. She loves books and reading but she kind of sees them as a game so that’s out of the picture at bedtime..

    • donna

      The Boy was a terrible sleeper as a baby, up all night every night. Then when I stopped breast feeding at 6 months he just wouldn’t go to sleep at all, he didn’t know how. So we let him cry. The first 2 nights he screamed until 6am, I sat outside his room sobbing. But then he slept. For the last 5 years. The girl just fell into it around him so we’ve been super lucky!

      • Wow that is lucky. Molly has struggled with sleeping since birth. At first it was because she had an undiagnosed dairy intolerance. I think she was 4 months when she was prescribed a specialist milk. She did sleep better but by that point waking up all night seemed to be her thing. Now she’s still really restless and wakes several times a night …

        • donna

          I don’t know how you cope!

          • Haha. Caffeine and sleepovers at her grandma’s house every now and then. And the hope that one day she’ll sleep. Ha. I’m exhausted constantly but I feel more for the OH because he’s at work all day. I’m the one getting up all night but he’s still disturbed.

          • donna

            I struggle enough with the early mornings! I’m fine after a coffee, but absolutely hate getting out of bed!