Transforming Your Bathroom

By | May 1, 2017

At the end of a busy day, or when the children are at school, there is nothing better than a nice, relaxing bath. Whether you are surrounded by bubbles or luxuriating in the fragrance and sparkle of a bath bomb, taking a bath is a great way to destress and regain a sense of harmony again. A glass of wine in hand, a good book, or even lying back with a facial mask, it is time to unwind. Until… you notice paint peeling on the wall opposite. There are black patches of damp on the ceiling. Toothpaste is spread across the sink, and there is a wet towel stuffed into the corner. Suddenly you are thrust into reality, and your sense of harmony is flushed down the sink with the bath water.


However big or small your bathroom is, it should be a place to renew your energy. If you are struggling to find the peace you need, now is the time to transform your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be expensive as a few simple steps will improve your experience. Here are some ideas to improve your peace of mind when you need it the most.


You aren’t going to rest well if your bathroom looks a mess. Begin with the simple things. First, your family needs to play their part in helping you relax. Have a sign on the wall with suggestions/demands for your family to follow. For example, hang up wet towels, put dirty clothes in the wash basket, put the toilet seat down, etc.

Take a look at the walls. If you notice any damage to the paintwork or you are just tired of the colour, give your bathroom a fresh lick of paint. Certain colours go well together, such as purple and yellow or green and blue. Use a colour wheel to give you ideas for the perfect match. Whether you want a vibrant, dynamic coloured bathroom, or something subtle and calming, pick the colours that are right for you.

Don’t stop at the walls. If you have something that can be painted, from cabinets to wooden towel rails, if you feel the need for more colour, go for it!

After painting, add some plants or flowers to the room to keep the air clean and fresh. Light some scented candles with comforting aromas. To walk into a room that smells and looks good will automatically sooth your stress levels.

While you may prefer to keep your freshly painted walls clear of clutter, you may also add pieces of art or wall sculptures to give the room more character. It will also give you something to look at when you’re seated on the loo!


Bored of the worn down shower curtain, window blinds, and towels? Maybe now is the time to invest in some new ones.

As windows are the focal point in any room, new blinds will make a big difference, especially if they match your chosen colour scheme. If the walls and tiles in your room are mainly white, perhaps try a bright red or yellow colour for your blinds and shower curtain for an exciting, vibrant look.

Remember those soft, fluffy towels you enjoyed on holiday when staying at a hotel? There is no reason why you can’t purchase the same for your bathroom. A hotel supplier, such as

Richard Haworth, can provide you with those same luxuriant towels without the need to pinch from the hotel again. You may wish to colour-coordinate your towels to the room, either matching or offsetting to your chosen look.

There are those other necessities in the bathroom that could use an overhaul. For example, the toilet roll holder, the bathroom bin, and the toothbrush pot could use an upgrade. Purchase new ones to match the aesthetics, or if you still running around with a paintbrush, then you know what to do.


So you have painted the walls and upgraded your bathroom accessories. Why not add a few new features. For example, a beautiful rug on the floor will give you an extra feeling of comfort, especially if your flooring is wooden or tiled.

Extra shelving is always useful and will help you declutter any item that is usually left strewn around the sink or bath. An added wall cabinet is useful too, perhaps one that is lockable to store anything that may be unsafe for your child.


With all the hard work done, now is the time to soak in a luxuriating bath. Enjoy.


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