Our Visit to The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds

By | February 22, 2017

We love The Royal Armouries Museum. Hunky Husband took me for the first time a few years ago. We’ve been quite a few times since.

leeds armouries

Hunky Husband is a big History nerd, and builds little solders in his spare time (of which, there is not enough). So, this is obviously one of his favourite places.


It’s also lovely to see The Boy’s enjoyment and interest grow. The first time we went, he liked it, but nothing really held his attention. Then, we went last Easter, when they had a jousting tournament. Him and Husband went out to the arena to watch the jousting, while I think I spent the whole hour breastfeeding a then tiny Girl in the café. They both absolutely loved it. The Boy thought it was the best thing ever. Then, this time, I noticed he was much more interested in things, reading, and learning, which was lovely to see. It also meant Hunky Husband got to read more, instead of just chasing a child around.

The Armouries is generally free (although we did pay for the jousting) and there is loads to see and do. Weaponry, and armour from the ages, as well as different displays, and videos. It’s a beautiful museum, where everything is incredibly well looked after. It’s that clean, when The Girl was allowed out of her pram for a walk, she banged her head on the glass of displays more than once.

the girl looking at guns

She really, really, liked the big guns!

There are also talks and demonstrations throughout the day. The first time we went, there was a super hero special going on. So, there were people dressed as super hero’s everywhere. And the demonstrations, were based around favourite characters. We watched Darth Vader lightsaber duel with Obi Wan, while someone explained how their fighting styles related to real world combat. I’ve always found the staff to be incredibly knowledgable, I learn something new every time we go.

This time, The Boy enjoyed trying to find monsters around the museum, writing their names on an activity sheet.

Leeds armouries activities

A great day out was had by all. I even got some new stationary from the shop!

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