What to Expect from the School Nativity

I’ve just been to my second school nativity. It was, interesting. The Boy did a very good job of his lines. It was a year one and two production, and we were proud to see that he was one of a few year ones that had their own lines. He did have to sit down with the other year ones after he’d said them, leaving year twos on stage. He’s not capable of standing still for 30 minutes. But he did a really good job. I was very proud.

That said, I hate them. All school events really. They are awful. I go for The Boy, I’m proud of him. But they’re all generally rubbish, aren’t they? If I’m being completely honest (and it seems a shame to stop now) I don’t even remember last years!

school nativity

These are a few of the things you can expect to find at a school nativity play:

  • The kid that keeps waving at mum. Mine does this a lot. Which is odd, because he’s nowhere near a mummy’s boy.
  • The kid that doesn’t know the words to the songs. This is sometimes mine. Not always. I like the way they try to keep up by humming or making odd mouth movements.children singing
  • The kid that doesn’t know the words but makes up for it with exuberant actions. Love this kid.
  • The interesting characters. Our school is large. Year one and two together make around 100-120 children. While a lot of them are in the “choir”, many are given speaking parts. The Boy this year was “the dog”. There was also at one point a chorus of about 20 Shepard’s. As well as every other animal you could think of, and 30 angels. No wise men however?!
  • The lack of actual nativity story. Ours was about the animals living in the barn, basically having a sing and chat about a baby in their barn. No nativity at all. I’ve never seen a nativity that was just the nativity.playmobil nativity
  • The baby in the audience that won’t stop crying. Mine managed not to be this. She spent the whole time clapping. She was probably the biggest fan.
  • The parents in the audience that won’t stop talking. At the start of ours, a teacher asked us to take any younger children that wouldn’t be quiet out for a bit to calm them down, because the children had worked very hard. But what about the parents that carry on a conversation the whole way through, can I take them out?
  • The parents that will blatantly ignore the “please don’t post any pictures with children that aren’t your own to social media” warning. We all know they will.

Apparently, nativities only happen until year two in our school. I will secretly miss them immensely!

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  • Lol. I saw quite a few of these characters at our nativity play today. Well, I say nativity – we had all the roles, but it was a Strictly Come Dancing themed one, and was brilliant. But then we only have around 40 kids in foundation, y1 and y2, so it’s not too manic.

    N was the one who was leaning against the wall in the back corner during the part where he wasn’t on stage, and his line was mumbled very quickly. There was also a boy who cried because he had a wardrobe malfunction until the teacher found some scissors to sort it out, and another who had to sit on a TA’s knee because he wouldn’t sit still. All highly amusing though. Annoyingly most of my photos were ruined by a music stand with disco ball hanging off it.Very annoying when N had told me which side to sit.

    Thanks for linking up to #schooldays

    • donna

      Ours actually went surprisingly well. There were some tears from one girl, but I’m not really sure why. And a cow mask broke half way through but no serious dramas

  • alisonlonghurst

    Ha – the honesty of this post is brilliant! It’s absolutely true. You get nostalgic and excited for your own kid, but beyond that…well, you have to see a long way beyond that! I love your point on sending the parents out – some just cannot SHUT UP! At senior school the Christmas concerts get all serious with choirs and such like, so enjoy the fun while it lasts 🙂 Alison x #FamilyFun

    • donna

      I suspect I’ll hate them more!! The year 5s at our school are doing ‘the tempest’ which part of me would love to see!

  • Ha, all true! There are some really odd ‘nativities’ about, aren’t there? #schooldays

  • Hahahaha I haven’t had to face a nativity yet, mine aren’t yet to start school. This is funny though I can totally believe they’re just a little bit shit, once you get over the pride and all that 😃 Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for linking at #familyfun xx

    • donna

      The boys lines are always right at the start. So then I get an eternity of waiting for the end. Praying for the end!

  • Haha I love this. Molly isn’t at school yet but I cannot wait to see her in the school plays. I hate that Nativity plays aren’t really Nativity plays any more.. Molly’s nursery just did a carol concert at the local church but she wasn’t old enough to take part this year 😢 Roll on next year x

    • donna

      I think it’s a reluctance to have too much religion in part. I’m not remotely religious, but I do think it’s a shame

  • twotinyhands

    I’ve not done nativity yet as not in school age. I would be annoyed at parents chatting through it too. Just rude. If they’re not interested then don’t go! Oh well. Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

    • donna

      We had a couple sat behind us who literally didn’t shut up. But then shouted at their younger child for mumbling a bit! Disgraceful!

  • My son’s school handles school plays quite well. They don’t do a nativity as such, just a Christmas themed concert or series of mini plays. Last year it was mini re-enactments from Christmas films, this year it was Christmas songs from around the world. Every class takes to the stage separately (and go back to their classroom after so they’re not all waiting around), there’ll be a few lines spoken and two songs performed then they file out and the next class comes in. It does mean you have to sit through everyone else’s plays when your kid is only on stage for 6-7 minutes, but it does stop there being a 40 angels and 80 shepherds or lots of strange animals appearing at the nativity, and the kids don’t get bored having to try and sit still through the whole thing. There are always screaming children in the audience though, and there’s one Grandmother (possibly great grandmother) who always insists on singing along, loudly, and she is tone deaf. I made the mistake of sitting in front of her one year and didn’t hear anything from the children at all!

    • donna

      That sounds really lovely! I remember we did something similar when I was a little older. The Christmas films sound really good fun!

  • I’m yet to go to a school nativity but have my first nativity on Xmas eve at the church in my nephews village. I shall take a mental note of these characteristics! #FamilyFun

    • donna


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