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About Bobsy’s Mum

Bobsy’s Mum is a personal blog. Focusing on food, crafts, fitness, and other parenting endeavours. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and I hope, occasionally helpful. I aim to share what I’ve learnt along my crazy parenting journey, as well as cool craft ideas and awesome recipes.

In less than six months of blogging, I have learnt an incredible amount; about writing, web design, and parenting. My biggest achievement is that I’ve managed to build it up from nothing, on my own, learning as I go. I have been featured on numerous other blogs, and am a member of Tots100.

Work With Me

I relish the opportunity to work with, or write for family-friendly brands and websites. I love to work on reviews, sponsored posts, marketing campaigns, collaborations, or, as a brand ambassador. Any reviews and opinions will be completely honest, and full disclosure given. Away from blogging I also work as a freelance writer, and work on a variety of different projects.

If you would like to work with me, please fill in the contact form below. Further samples of my work, and my media kit can be provided upon request.

Thank you.