About Us

About Us

I’m a busy work from home mum, and have in the past been a single working mum. I know how hard it is to find the time to cook every night. So, at Bobsy’s Mum, I’m sharing all of my favourite recipes, most of which are super kid friendly as well as tips on how to save time and money and how to enjoy cooking, even when you are busy!

Who Are We?

Seen as Bobsy’s Mum is about the whole family and what we get up to together I thought I’d better introduce you to all of us. We are Me (Donna), Hunky Husband (Jim), The Boy (Michael) and The Bobsy (Robyn).

When I’m not blogging I work as a freelance writer which is great because it means I can work from home and enjoy being with the kids. I love baking, cooking, attempting to keep fit, reading and writing. I’d love to write a novel one day but never seem to have the time.

Hunky Husband has been a chef for 20 years and helps me come up with a lot of the wonderful recipes we share on Bobsy’s Mum. He loves football, music and collecting/making/painting miniatures. I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything about this!

The Boy is mine from a previous relationship. He lives with us five nights a week and stays with his lovely Daddy the other two. He’s your pretty typical seven-year-old boy. Always on the go, obsessed with Star Wars and never ever quiet.

The boy

The Bobsy is our baby girl. She’s one and sure to be a challenge to The Boy’s loudness! She loves running around and exploring like most toddlers. She eats everything in sight and loves Cbeebies.

the girl

Why I Blog

I started Bobsy’s Mum when I was about to go back to work after having The Bobsy. I think, to begin with, it was a little bit of an outlet. I’d always planned to return to work and even looked forward to it. But, as it approached things started to get complicated and I felt a bit sad and worried about it all. My blog was my space. To de-stress and vent.

Blogging quite literally changed my life. It helped me to rediscover a love of writing and gave me the confidence to apply for some freelance work and leave my job.

When I started putting a bit more time into my blog I really had no idea what it would be. Even now if someone asks, “what’s your niche?” I find I don’t really know. Sometimes I say “food” because that’s what gets the most engagement and probably what I enjoy the most. But, you’ll also find lots of fitness tips, parenting advice, craft ideas and general posts about our life and what we’re up to.

When it comes to crafting things have been a bit of a shock. I knew we liked food and I’d enjoy writing up recipes and coming up with new ideas. But a year ago I’d have told you I hated crafting. We literally just started crafting so I’d have something to write about. Now we love it. I’ve become something of a toilet roll tube crafting expert and it’s something I relish getting involved in.


How to Find Me

If you are interested in working with Bobsy’s Mum you can find me over on the Work with Me page. I’m generally open to ideas and suggestions so don’t be shy.

If you just want to follow me and learn a bit more about us, you can find me on social media:





Or email me at donna@bobsysmum.co.uk

Whatever brings you here, I hope you enjoy reading Bobsy’s Mum as much as I enjoy writing it. If you try one of my recipes or crafts please do let me know how you got on, it makes me really happy!

Donna x