Autumn Tree Pictures

Today we have made some really pretty tree pictures. Autumn is a really great time to do this, the trees are so lovely and colourful, you get to use lots of different colours and make it really beautiful.

My kids absolutely love anything that includes sticking their fingers in paint, so this was a big hit. But at the same time, it’s not really too messy, and pretty hard to do wrong.

I made Hunky Husband draw me the outline of some trees because my artistic abilities are zero. If you wanted though I’m sure you could find a printout online.

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Paint
  • Fingers


I then painted the trunk and all the branches brown, it doesn’t need to be particularly neat, you’re going to paint lots of leaves on it anyway.


Then The Boy picked out all the colours he’s seen on trees over the last few weeks. He went for, green, brown, dark red, bright red, dark yellow, bright yellow and orange.


We then dipped our fingers in one colour at a time, and stamped them all over the tree, before baby wiping the finger and moving on to the next colour. The Boy really enjoyed watching how the colours mixed and comparing our trees to the ones he can see out of our window. The girl just likes touching the wet stuff!


A really lovely activity for young kids, we probably spent about an hour on it, and they’ll look really great on the fridge.



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