I’ve read a lot of posts on other blogs over the last week about Autumn, what people love about it, their hopes for the season, what they are looking forward to, Autumn fashions and recipes, there seems to be a lot of Autumn love out there. This has made me wonder, Do I love Autumn?

With all the other season changes it seems to be more gradual, you barely notice it getting slowly warmer as we approach summer from Spring, Christmas decorations gradually appear as the temperature drops and Winter arrives. Autumn however just seems to pop up. Leaves have been falling for a while, kids are back at school, its darker earlier, all this has been noticeable for a few weeks, but every year there seems to be one day when you wake up and think “it’s autumn!”. For me this was yesterday, it was a little darker, the leaves on the ground were a crisp brown, those on the trees had begun to take that gorgeous golden glow, it was almost like the world had changed colour. I began to think about buying the kids new winter coats and wellies, they’ll need hats soon too. I got my winter boots out and demanded Hunky Husband make us all a stew with dumplings tonight. Its Autumn and I am happy about it.

I’m a Summer girl, I absolutely love the Summertime, beach holidays, days out, not having to wear a coat (but always having to pack them, just in case, it is England after all). I love it, I hate being a cold, and the lovely folks of Sheffield tell me I’m nesh. A born Middlander I’d never heard this before, but Hunky Husband tells me it means I’m weak, I feel the cold easily and I can’t handle it. This is certainly true, I’ll have hat, scarf and gloves on by next week and be moaning that I’m too cold all the time.

But I’m ready, I love Autumn fashions, big cuddly jumpers, nice warm boots, big coats, I use my…neshness(?!) as an excuse to buy all these new most years, even though I don’t really need them, I must have 20 Winter hats. It’s all been in the shops for weeks now, but hasn’t felt quite right shopping it while it’s still been so warm. I love proper home cooked comfort food, it’s all so very British. So today me and baby girl have been for a walk through the leaves, I’ve tried on lots of lovely new clothes, we’ll sit at home and watch a DVD with a hot chocolate (too soon for Christmas films perhaps) and then we’ll have a lovely stew.

Hurray for Autumn…


…Untill it actually gets cold, I wont like that at all!



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