Blossom Tree Pictures

A few months ago, we did some Autumn Tree pictures. Today, in the ultimate act of wishful thinking, and an attempt to will something into existence, we decided to do the Spring version, with pink blossom, instead of Autumn leaves. The Boy wanted to know why we didn’t do Winter, but that would basically just be the branches, without the fun. I guess we could have done them on darker paper, and done snow prints. But, it’s too late now. It’s time for Spring (please).

You Will Need:

  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Paints
  • Fingers

what you need for blossom fingerprints trees

To start, I get Hunky Husband to draw me some tree outlines. Because I’m…artistically challenged. I then spend an hour, honestly, painting them brown, after which I leave them to dry for hours, have many cups of tea, and make Pizza.


When we do crafts, we use Hunky Husbands special paints he buys to do his little soldiers. For some reason, he didn’t have pink, so we had to mix red and white, which worked quite well.

The Girl had a go this time, which made me realise how much she’s grown over winter. She didn’t really like It though. She likes painting with a brush, and crayoning, but she didn’t enjoy having paint on her finger. She’s a lovely little girl that likes to tidy and clean, so she’s not a finger painter.

The Boy on the other hand, loves mess! So, he covered his fingers in pink and purple paint, and created blossom all over the trees with his fingerprints.

The boy fingerprinting blossom

This was a really fun, easy craft. I like doing seasonal crafts, so I’m thinking of some more Spring, and Easter things for us to do and make over the next few months. Anyone following me on Pinterest can expect an absolute avalanche of Spring time in the coming weeks.

blossom tree pic

My Petit Canard

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