Christmas is Coming

It’s November. The issue can no longer be avoided. Christmas is coming. I’m a Christmas lover, I really am. In December. As soon as December hits, I’ve got the Christmas jumper on, I’m drinking the costa Christmas coffees, tree is up asap.

I’ve got 2 kids now. A husband. Step kids. 2 sets of parents. That’s a lot to organise. Coupled with 2 November birthdays, it’s an awful lot of shopping. So, this year I’m attempting to get started, and at least make a plan, before December. But I just can’t seem to get excited, perhaps once the birthdays are out of the way, we will see.

This Year we’ve decided to only buy for the kids, then a few other bits. We’re going to try and make gifts for people. When the boy was younger, and I was a single mum, we made everyone boxes of gingerbread, which went down incredibly well. People love big expensive gifts, but I do think it’s the thought that counts. Especially when you’ve got children, people are grateful that you took the time to make them something. Kids are also a great excuse for frankly slightly rubbish crafts. I’m awful. The boy takes a lot of credit for things mummy has in fact made herself but is too ashamed to admit to. Check out my Pinterest page for some hints as to what crafts might be coming.

I’m also trying to learn lessons from years past.

  • Paperchains suck! Honestly, one year I put loads up. They just kept breaking. Every few hours a different link would fall apart. By Christmas every single one must have be wrapped in tape
  • You need more tape
  • And wrapping paper
  • You will lose the scissors
  • Oh, god the papercutschristmas gifts
  • The baby doesn’t care if you spend £100’s. They just don’t.
  • The big ones ask for everything all the time. Every day, “mummy can you help me put that on my letter to Santa?”
  • This Santa, he’s got a lot to answer for. He just creates toys from magic, not using money. Mummy must spend money!santa
  • If you start shopping early, don’t then the week before panic you haven’t brought enough. You have. Show some self-control!
  • Go to someone else for dinner so you actually have time to enjoy all the toys.
  • Cook at home so you can avoid all the toys
  • Be armed with one of those screwdrivers you can change the heads. Have every head available. Who packages these toys?! Do they really need to be screwed in!?
  • It’s not as much fun planning Christmas TV viewing with a Sky Planner as it was with the Christmas Special Radio Times. Buy the Radio Times. And a highlighter.
  • Supermarkets are open on Christmas Eve. They are also open on boxing day. Nothing bad will happen if you forget something. You don’t really need 8 boxes of mince pies.
  • When you buy the Quality street at the beginning of December, do not lie to yourself that you’re going to “put them up for Christmas”. Don’t even pretend. Just eat them. Then buy more. 5 times.lessonsfromchristmas-past

Has anyone got any other tips from Christmas’ past? Please do share…


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17 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming”

  • Lol this made me chuckle! I especially love the sheer panic of Christmas Eve and people behaving like the apocalypse is coming! The shops are closed for ONE day, people! RELAX! Ireland’s answer to the Radio Times is the RTE Guide and we still buy it religiously and highlight the shows and movies. Am LOVING that there are posts about Christmas now! Hurrah! #coolmums

    • See we only buy the radio times at Christmas! We went to Asda on the 23rd last year and they were running out of absolutely everything. It was absolute madness. Same as when snow is forecast and people buy 900 loaves of bread. It’s England, it’s at most going to last 3 days!

  • Haha, glad someone else is thinking about Christmas! It’s a lot to handle but in the end all that visiting and baking and the toys, it’s quite a bit of fun. I’m already making a list of what to do the same and different from last year and am overjoyed to see I’m not the only one. Also, decorating the house – I love it when it’s done but isn’t it a pain? I feel you with the paper chains 🙂 #coolmumclub

  • I think this might be #coolmumclubs first Christmas post!
    You are so right here – last Christmas I sent the hubby on a last minute panic shop on Christmas eve because our eldest REMINDED US that she’d asked the garden centre Father Christmas for a teddy!

    • The worst thing is, we all know full well we’ll do it all again. Hunky husband said just today ‘shall we get some quality street and put them up for Christmas?’

  • Great lessons learned, especially eating the quality street! My biggest fail every year seems to be not having the right batteries, stock up on every type known to man as there is nothing worse than seeing that excited face at a new toy turning to mystery when he can’t play for days because you can’t together the freakin batteries anywhere. If possible without wrecking the packaging, remove all those annoying ties and screws that hold the toys captive and put batteries in before wrapping, I did this on my daughters birthday and the difference it made was HUGE!

    • Excellent tip!! We’ve wrapped an inflatable thing for the girls birthday, I’ve realised I don’t know what pump in needs n that I should have just pumped it pre wrapping so she can play straight away

  • Lol yes I can relate to this list! Definitely agree with buying the Christmas Radio Times and using a highlighter – by far the easiest way to decide what you need to watch and record! Very good reminder about the shops being open Christmas Eve and Boxing Day – it’s just one day after all but so easy to stock up like you’re about to be under siege! I’ve learned that it’s ok to cut corners with Christmas dinner – I’d rather spend the time with the kids than tied to the kitchen so I go for pre-prepared veg and frozen roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings. Dinner still tastes fine, even if it’s not quite as good as when it’s all cooked from scratch and I get less stressed about it. #coolmumclub

  • LOL. love this. I love Christmas too. We’ve got 6 nephews and nieces, but thankfully most of of them now have money rather than presents. I always make fudge or nice treat food for family #thelist

  • I love the 2nd to last point! The shops are only closed one day! I hate how crazy people get with supermarket shopping! #thelist

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