Christmas Traditions

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas traditions. How my own have changed through the years. When I was young all my presents were left outside my bedroom door, then I went in to my mum and dad’s room to open them. Now as an adult, I realise this was so my parents didn’t have to get out of bed at 4am.

christmas gifts

Then when I was older me and dad used to open our presents under the tree, cook lunch together, then watch some of our favourite DVDs all afternoon. It was the point that DVDs were relatively new, so we’d buy each other them as presents. Then either boxing day or the day after, I’d have a second Christmas with my mum and step dad.


As an adult, I’ve been slightly all over the place, but this is my third Christmas with Hunky Husband, so we are starting to fall into our own traditions. The Boy either spends all day with me, or all day with his dad, I suppose because I didn’t ever do half Christmas day with each parent, it’s never seemed quite right. I like that he gets a full day, without disruption, to enjoy his day. While I miss him terribly if he spends the day with his dad, I know he has a lovely day. Then we swap on boxing day. We open presents at home, then go to Hunky Husbands parents for dinner. My parents came up last year too, which was lovely. Hunky Husband tends to work most of it, so we only get that one day all together, which make it extra special.

This year, we’ve started something a bit different. 2 weeks ago, The Boy wrote his Christmas list, and we left it out for “Philip” to collect, with a tiny glass of wine and a gingerbread biscuit. Philip is our elf. Our official correspondent to the north pole. Philip is about 2 inches tall, and is in regular contact. The Boy genuinely believes this. I can see him stumbling on this page in 10 years and saying “what do you mean Philip wasn’t real?!” Much like when at 12 I found out my rabbit had not gone to live at Dudley Zoo as I’d believed for about 7 years.

christmas elf

It makes me quite sad to think one year soon he won’t believe in Santa. I’d say it’s only really the last 2 years he’s “got it”. The year before, when he was nearly 3, he would say “Santa is coming” but I don’t think he really understood. But, it might only be 2 more before he knows the awful truth. Then, The Girl might have even less, if he tells her! How have any of you with older children coped with this? Do you bribe them to keep quiet?

Also, if your children think Santa brings their presents, do they think you are really mean and don’t buy them anything? My Mum writes “love Santa” on the tags. I refuse to let Santa take the credit! So, they are “from mummy”, so why does Santa have them? I just hope he doesn’t ask, I don’t have the answers! I think as a child I was under the vague impression that my mum brought them, then for some odd reason sent them to Santa, just for Santa to bring back.

So, basically, I’m 30, and I still don’t understand how Santa works?

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