dinosaur fossils

Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossils

The Boy loves dinosaurs. You know how when they are little they go through phases where they are completely obsessed with things about know absolutely everything about them? Well, we had Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story (400times a day…but ...
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Father's Day crafts

Father’s Day Crafts

Father's Day is approaching. I’m generally not very organised when it comes to Father's Day crafts. It’s my birthday the week before and you know, priorities. But, this year we got ourselves together a bit and spent a day over half-term doing ...
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Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Cards

Grandparents, look away now!! So. The Boy has 3 Nan’s, one of whom is currently in hospital. And a Grandad with a Birthday coming up. Which means we need a lot of cards. While all these cards could be used ...
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blossom tree pic

Blossom Tree Pictures

A few months ago, we did some Autumn Tree pictures. Today, in the ultimate act of wishful thinking, and an attempt to will something into existence, we decided to do the Spring version, with pink blossom, instead of Autumn leaves ...
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love picture

Love Picture

Originally, this was going to be a names picture. But then, I discovered that masking tape doesn’t really work on paper. It just rips when you peel it off. And the only card I could find was quite a small ...
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Easy Homemade Playdough

I hate playdough. It’s almost a fear. I can’t stand the idea of it getting in the carpet and if the colours mixed, I’d probably spend hours trying to separate them again. I really can’t explain this. Everything else is ...
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salt dough christmas

Salt Dough Decorations

Salt dough is not my strong suit. It generally kind of…cooks. It puffs up a bit, then snaps. Or it goes soggy. I did some Santa handprints last year, which went remarkably well (and also, omg when you put your ...
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Awesome Monster Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a great, easy thing to make. You can change the design to pretty much what ever you want, once you've mastered the basic shape. These are great for evil heathens like me that turn the corners of pages ...
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Top 5 Autumn Kids Crafts

We've done quite a lot of fun crafting this Autumn, there's even more that we haven't gotten around to yet. Autumn is a great time for crafting, it's starting to get colder, so activities at home are always good. But ...
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Pumpkin Carving: The Horror

It’s awful! Sticky, messy, a bit gross, and a lot harder than the internet would have you believe. The Boy announced he was too tired after approximately 12 seconds and left me in a mound of pumpkin innards. A truly ...
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