Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Cards

Grandparents, look away now!!

So. The Boy has 3 Nan’s, one of whom is currently in hospital. And a Grandad with a Birthday coming up. Which means we need a lot of cards. While all these cards could be used as Mother’s day cards, we made one a “get well soon” card, and one a birthday card.

I discovered in making these, that The Boy’s hand is now too big for handprint cards (and his feet barely fit on A4!), and The Girl’s fingerprints are too small to be much use. So, it’s a good job I’ve got them both.

You will need:

  • Card
  • Paint
  • Hands
  • A pencil with a rubber end

Mother's Day card supplies

For the dandelion cards, we decided to use black card, to make them really stand out. But also, because we brought black card ages ago, and I haven’t had chance to use it yet. We painted a green stalk, and some leaves. We then dipped the rubber tip of a pencil into some white paint and printed it on to the card.


For the flowers cards, we painted 3 green stems, followed by red centre circles. The Boy then dipped his finger in paint, and printed it around the red circle. We went for red, purple and yellow, as they are really springy colours. The Boy has chosen to use this one as his “Get well soon” card.

flower card

For the single flower, we painted a large green stem. We then painted The Girls hand purple, and pressed it down on the top of the stem. The Girl hates this. She’s not a big fan of messy. Even when she tips cereal everywhere, she picks it all up. She loves to tidy. This meant ours isn’t particularly neat, but yours might be if you’ve got a more cooperative child. Or an older one that hasn’t got a giant hand.

handprint flower

For the balloons, which we will be using for Grandads birthday, as they are a bit less girly, The Boy dipped his finger in different coloured paints and printed them on. We then drew strings from them.

balloons card

All incredibly simple, and look great. What are your plans for Mother’s day?

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