Family Activities: Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer

Now the school holidays have arrived, parents across the UK are looking for activity ideas to keep the kids entertained. There are some excellent suggestions on this page that aren’t going to break the bank. However, they will keep the little ones away from their games consoles, and that’s got to be a positive thing. Of course, it’s sensible to ask children what they would like to do and involve them in the process.



Theme parks

There are many different theme parks all over the UK that families could attend this summer. Ticket prices vary, and it’s often possible to get discount deals online. The theme park people select will depend upon the age of their child. Places like Drayton Manor are most suitable for younger kids. Older children tend to prefer Alton Towers or somewhere like that. There are lots of different rides to keep everyone entertained including:

  • Rollercoasters
  • Log flumes
  • Walk-through experiences
  • Pirate ships

For the best savings, it’s wise to check deals in tabloid newspapers as they tend to print vouchers at this time of the year. In many instances, it’s possible to get two for the price of one. That is going to help if the family has more than one child.

Go karting

All children love to go karting, even if they don’t know it yet. There are hundreds of different tracks in the UK, some indoor and some outdoor. The one families select should depend on the age of the kids according to experts from Lakeside Karting and similar firms. However, most establishments cater for a broad range of different abilities. There are usually specialists on hand to show first-time karters how to drive the vehicles safely. So, ask the kids if they like the idea of go karting, and then search online for local venues. The average price for a family is going to be somewhere between £50 and £200 for a decent session on the track.

Rock climbing

If the kids love to get their hearts pumping, rock climbing could offer lots of entertainment. There are specialists all over the country and many different walls from which people can choose. Some of them are indoors, and some of them are outdoors. Climbers will often move sideways along a horizontal wall when inside a building. So, that’s perfect for anyone who has a fear of heights. Outdoor walls tend to require a vertical climb. Safety is of the utmost importance when rock climbing, and so it’s vital to use a company with a good track record. There are often reviews that anyone can read online.

Whatever readers decide to do with their kids this summer, I hope you have amazing experiences. Just don’t forget to take a camera along for any fun days out. Parents never know when they will want to take a photo to remember the occasion forever. Of course, most theme parks take images when people are on the rides. However, they tend to charge a small fortune for people to purchase them. So, take a disposable camera and avoid the expense.

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