Family Activities


When I started blogging I could have told you with all honesty that I hated crafting. I’ve got no artistic abilities what so ever and it’s just not something that had ever appealed to me. Because of this, The Boy missed out a little bit.

Then, I started crafting basically for something to write about on my blog. Over the weeks, I found we both started to enjoy it. Especially over Winter when we couldn’t get out as much. We’d sit on a Saturday morning and think of something we could create, scrolling through Pinterest for ideas.

As time went on, we became toilet roll craft experts. I now firmly believe that there is nothing that cannot be made from the simple toilet roll tube. So much so, that I have now added a toilet roll section to my menu to separate them from our other crafts and make them easy to find.

Days Out

We’ve always loved a good family day out. For a few years when it was just The Boy and me, we’d pack out stuff, hop on the tram and get out there exploring. Now we have Hunky Husband and The Bobsy our trips go further afield.

I basically hate days when there is nothing to do. I can’t stand that feeling of nothingness. I find it quite the opposite of relaxing. So, if you’re like me check out my toilet roll tube crafts, general crafts and family days out for some ideas.