Father’s Day Crafts

Father’s Day is approaching. I’m generally not very organised when it comes to Father’s Day crafts. It’s my birthday the week before and you know, priorities. But, this year we got ourselves together a bit and spent a day over half-term doing some Father’s Day crafts.

We’ve got lots to do as well. My Dad died a few years ago, as did The Boy’s dad’s dad. So, in theory, we should be a little short on the dad front. But no. I have the most wonderful step-dad, a great father in law, The Boy’s dad got married, so he has a grandad from his step-mum, and a great-grandad. All in all, there are 8 Father’s Day cards to buy or create.

We have bought presents for the kid’s dads. But I like to craft. We’re awful at it, so could never get away with giving crafted cards from us, but from the kids, I think they are quite cute. And if they are rubbish I pretend the kids did it all and refuse to take responsibility. Here’s what we’ve had a go at this time.

Father's Day crafts


Seen as we’ve got loads of cards to make, we’ve decided to do two of each. So far, we’ve got balloons and bunting and “I love you to the moon” which is my personal favourite.

card supplies

For the rocket card, fold a piece of black card in half and then cut some shapes out of coloured paper. We did a rectangle, folded in two so it can open like a card.


Inside we wrote “I love you to the moon and back” we then stuck the back to the centre of our black card and wrote “To Daddy” on the front.


We then added a triangle to the front of the rocket.

rocket body

A star shape to the sky, and some wing shapes to the sides. We also drew some shapes on the main body and added some trailing flames using tissue paper to the back.

rocket and star

For the bunting card, cut 3 triangles out of some patterned card (you could use plain and decorate), stick them on to another folded piece of card and write Dad on them. We also glued some twine above and then added a picture of a boy and dad with some balloons so it didn’t look quite so plain.

Father's Day cards

Salt Dough Frame

We made one of these for The Boy’s dad for Christmas, so we decided to do another for Bobsy’s dad for Father’s Day. The boy is in that phase boys go through where he thinks the only colours you can like are those of your football team. So, Hunky Husbands things must be painted red and white, and his dads must be blue and white.

For our salt dough, we use 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt and half a cup of water all mixed together.

salt dough ingredients

It was still a little sticky so I added a bit more flour and kneaded it in.

mixing salt dough

Once it’s all mixed together I place it in the fridge in a sandwich bag until it’s cold. Perhaps around 30 minutes. I don’t know if you need to do this, but I always have and it works so I stick with it.

in fridge

Once cool, roll out until it’s around 3-5mm thick. I then lift it and place it on a baking tray before I cut the shape. I find it much harder to move it without ripping if I cut the shape first.

salt dough shape

On the baking tray, I use a knife to cut a big square with a smaller square inside, like a frame. Pull away the excess and pop it back in the fridge for another project in the future. Once we had our frame shape, the boy pressed fingerprint dents all around, to be painted later.


Bake in the oven at 75 degrees for 2 hours. Flipping over half way though. Then remove from the oven and leave to cool before painting.

We painted the whole thing white, left it to cool, then using The Boys finger, added red to the indentations.

Allow to dry, then using a little super glue, stick a cute dad photo or a piece of card with a quote, poem or hand-drawn picture to the back of the frame.


Pen Jar

We were going to make this out of toilet roll tubes because that’s our thing. But, I’ve been saving some jars for ages with no real idea why. So we decided that instead of doing a pen holder, we would use the larger jar to make a holder for all Hunky Husbands paint brushes.

When I paint on glass, I don’t use any special paints, they are literally cheap kids paints from Asda. Instead, I clean the jar and give it a liberal coat of PVA glue before I start to paint. Cover the jar in glue and leave to dry before painting and the paint sticks much better. You can even give it a second coat without the first peeling.

painted jar

We then added “Dad’s Brushes” in white, but you could decorate however you wanted.

Father's Day jar

I still need to make a million more cards. So, if anyone has any more ideas, please do send them my way!

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