First Anniversary Gift Ideas

This week Hunky Husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We’re not very traditional really, but we’d decided we wanted to follow traditional anniversary themes, but I really don’t like anything personalized, which is what you get loads of if you google “1st wedding anniversary presents”, lots of prints with the wedding date on and such. Year one is paper…I’m looking forward to leather in two years’ time. Here are some great ideas for that first wedding anniversary if you’re struggling.


Hunky Husband brought me one of my favourite novels, in a new limited edition cover from Waterstones. I was very impressed with him, it’s something I will actually read, looks great in our extensive book collection, and meant he could write something really nice inside.


Magazine subscription

This is what I brought. Hunky Husband is partial to a wargames magazine. So, whenever I go shopping without him, I buy him one as a treat. He thinks its sweet that I brave the geeks and nerds section for him. So for our anniversary I brought him a year’s subscription to one of his favourites.

Framed Print

Hunky Husband brought me a print that’s made up of words from the chapter of a book. Which is really cool and a bit different. There are lots of prints available related to your wedding, or first dance lyrics. But personally, I like these as much as a necklace with “mum” on.



I think a journal is a lovely present, I really like stationary, so a nice notepad or writing set would be really good. Paperchase have some really nice things. If you’re a good writer you could write something special in a notepad, or maybe draw a picture.



Tickets to an event, something you can do together would be a really good present. Especially if you can get a night without the kids, that’s always a special treat. Even cinema tickets would make a nice change.


Again, you can get maps made with your wedding venue on if you’d like. But we’d prefer just a nice vintage map poster. Scratch maps are a really good idea too.

I’d have loved any of these, non naff but still really sweet and thoughtful present.



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8 thoughts on “First Anniversary Gift Ideas”

  • I love that you’ve specified these are ‘non-naff’ gifts! All lovely – I don’t think we bothered buying each other gifts for our first anniversary, we went away to London instead. I was pregnant so couldn’t even drink champagne!! #FamilyFun

  • The book idea is such a cute idea! I got hubby a laser cutout of a bride and groom under a tree with 2 cats(Ben wasn’t born yet-3weeks prior) and he got me a gift voucher for a massage as he knew being so heavily pregnant I’d appreciate it (and I so did)
    I think 2nd anniversary is wood and I’m thinking a nice trinket box with memory bits in it #familyfun

  • You’re right these aren’t naff and are really cool inventive presents for paper. Tickets are a fab idea, something you can do together – childcare permitted of course. A book as well so simple yet potentially so thoughtful. Brilliant ideas thanks for sharing them at #familyfun xx

  • I’d be happy with new stationary any day. This is a good list I like maps too. All a bit better than a pack of paper!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

    • I love stationary. Now I’m officially a “writer” I feel I have an excuse to buy all of it! Paperchase binge soon I think!

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