My Happy List #12

The summer holidays are hard. I’ve found myself struggling to fit in work, blogging, taking the kids out and doing all of the housework. Husband keeps trying to help me, but I feel like because I’m at home, I should do it all myself. I’m in the mindset of a stay at home mum. But I’m a work at home mum and I can’t do it all, all the time.

This weekend the kids have been to my mums. When They Boy was little he used to go quite regularly. But then he went to school and we had Bobsy and it all stopped. We all go together when we can, but I hadn’t had a weekend without the kids for nearly 2 years and me and Husband haven’t been out at night for nearly a year. Safe to say, we made the most of it, despite both working.

Time Off

Even though we’ve been working, it has very much felt like a weekend off. So, relaxed and lovely. Time to just chill out and be us, instead of mummy and daddy. You forget how much you can get done when the little people aren’t around.


I’d somehow never had gin until recently. Now, I’m obsessed. I’ve had some lovely summery gin and tonics this weekend. We even got slightly tipsy on Saturday night. I can probably count the times I’ve seen Husband drunk on one hand. He’s a funny drunk!



We went for a lovely walk on Sunday to burn off our hangovers. The kids enjoy a walk, but this one was long and off road so something we wouldn’t usually get the chance to do. We love our walks and this one was especially great. It was an area Husband walked when he was younger, so he told me lots of stories as we went.

The Library

I love libraries. I think taking the kids to the library is a wonderful way to introduce them to new books and encourage a love of learning. Both of mine love it. This holiday we’ve spent a few mornings at our local library having fun and finding out about new things. The Boy loves non-fiction books at the moment so he’s teaching me about everything. I’ve even managed to read four books in the last few weeks. Which I doubt I’ve done since I’ve had kids.

We’re going on holiday in a few weeks, I need to sort out school uniform and we’re considering a child minder for The Bobsy. So, there is a lot going on and my next happy list is sure to be packed!






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