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My parents don’t live near by and Hunky husband’s parents spend some time abroad. Friends also have young children, or live far away, so our date nights out, alone, are limited. Nights in together are also limited, as he works until 9pm most nights, and one of his nights off is usually busy with kid stuff.

However, I firmly believe in the importance of date nights. We are as guilty as the rest of you, of having evenings where we sit with the TV on, each on a phone or laptop, barely speaking, and with little chance for nights out, this can quickly become habit, the norm. And I don’t like it. We’re both busy, we have things to do. He has hobbies, and I work online, which is my excuse for excessive social media usage. So, on date nights, there are no phones. They are to one side, or in another room. We open a bottle of wine. And we devote our attention to each to each other. These are my favourite nights. I love it when we go out. But that just is special. These are the nights we choose to make special. I love this. Here are some great ideas for date nights at home.

Build a Date Nights Den

Den’s aren’t just for kids you know! Take all your blankets and pillows into the living room and build a comfy den to snuggle up in. Watch a movie, get some treats. We’ve even been known to drag our mattress in and have a sleep over. I don’t know why, but this little change of scenery makes things fun and exciting, even if you just end up watching corrie and having a cup of tea!

Cook Together

We cook for each other quite a lot. He’s a chef, and I love cooking, so it is something we do. But, it’s not as often that we cook together. Partly because we have a tiny kitchen, and could well get wedged in. When we do cook together, it’s good fun, and we come up with some great meals.

steak and chips

Get a Take Away

Have a proper night off, and don’t even do the washing up! Just eat has opened up take away options hugely. We used to just have Chinese or Indian. Now we try all sorts.

date night pizza

Play a Board Game

This is one of our favourites. Hunky Husband introduced me to Stratego, which he’d loved before, then I brought us Yahtzee, which is one of my favourites. Now we have got quite a few different things. We tend to get a new one for Christmas. It’s just nice to turn the TV off, and do something different. We can spend literally weeks on a game of trivial pursuit. It might sound daft, but it’s something to look forward to when the kids are in bed.

date night board games

Watch Something You Wouldn’t Usually

I like introducing each other to new things. Like with the board games. You can also do it with films and TV box sets. We often try to find a box set neither of us has seen, but also like to introduce each other to something we’ve loved before. When it’s my turn I inevitable get excited, tell him what’s going to happen and ruin it all. I very much doubt watching 24 with me was as exciting as it’s meant to be.

Work Together

If you have got to work, why not help each other. We often come up with menu ideas together, or he reads over things I’ve done. If one of us is excited about a project, we enjoy sharing, and planning things out together.

How do you spend your evenings together?


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