Ideal Housework Jobs for Six-Year-Olds

I think it’s important for children, and in some cases, husbands (mine is very good, as I’m sure are many others!) to help out with housework. It is after all, their house.


The Boy has always been pretty good at it. He gets pocket money, but not for housework really, just for “being good”. This is a very small amount, and more to help him learn the value of money. He appreciates something more if he has to save for it, and he also has more understanding of the fact that we can’t just afford to buy everything all of the time.

I also find setting him tasks helps his behaviour, and improves his concentration levels. I wouldn’t say he’s naughty as such, just silly, and hyper. So, setting him small tasks, like little housework jobs, throughout the day, helps keep him calm and out of trouble. Here are some of the things he does, which I think are age appropriate.

Tidying His Room

He always does this. Some days, we will do it together, but I never do it for him. He also helps me to change his sheets. I’m trying to get him to understand that if he wants to keep his things nice, he has to look after them. And that if he doesn’t want to lose things, he has to put them away, and that this isn’t my job.

Tidying The Girls Toys

While I’m getting her ready for bed, he tidies her toys away. He does this, because then as soon as I come back, we can start reading his story, and we get more time alone together. The Girl has started to help with this too, she has a weird love of tidying.



He takes all his dry washing, and puts them in the right drawers. He doesn’t fold, but to be honest, I’m not great at that part either!

Putting Shopping Away

We get online shopping some weeks, so he helps carry it into the kitchen, and put away anything he can reach. The only problem with this is it means he finds mummy’s secret snacks!

I wouldn’t say he has set jobs as such, I’ll just say “can you help mummy with something?” and as yet, it’s not been met with much resistance, so I’m reluctant to make it more official, as in “these are your jobs”. While he’s pleased to help, I’m leaving it how it is.

washing up

When he was little he loved to help wash up and mop, but in reality, didn’t help at all, just made more mess, but perhaps it’s time to try again.


What do your kids do to help out? Do you reward them for it, or do you think everyone should help?

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