Love Picture

Originally, this was going to be a names picture. But then, I discovered that masking tape doesn’t really work on paper. It just rips when you peel it off. And the only card I could find was quite a small square. So, we needed a smaller word. With Valentines approaching, love seemed the obvious choice.

I highly recommend doing this with paint, as it will stand out much more. But, The Bobsy loves crayoning at the moment, so we crayoned. I then painted over the word to make it stand out more, with paint this wouldn’t be necessary.

I should also confess that this took all day. The Bobs is just 15 months. So, she crayons a little bit, then wonders off! It was really simple though, and looks great. I might do one with The Boy and paint soon to see how that does.

You will need:

  • Card
  • Masking Tape
  • Crayons/paints/pens
  • Paint for words (optional)

toddler craft love

Firstly, using the masking tape, write a word on the card. The bigger the card, the bigger word you can write. It’s hard to get detail with masking tape, so the bigger the better. Love is an easy word to do, lots of straight lines.

masking tape love

Then, let your child go crazy with your colouring implement of choice. I think hands and paint is probably the best, just let them do what they want.

If you used paint, you’ll need to wait for it to dry. If you didn’t, you can carefully peel off the masking tape. It looks really cool already, but I wanted over the word just to make to stand out a little more, and because there were some small rips in the card.

Older children could paint pictures or patterns. Or just make more mess. It looks really good however you do it.

love picture

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