Make Your Own Halloween Monsters!

halloween-monstersToday we’ve turned our limited artistic abilities to making Halloween monsters. The Boy is forever asking if we can keep toilet rolls tubes (and cereal boxes, yogurt pots, crisp wrappers, basically all the rubbish!) to make something with. I say yes and then secretly throw them away when he’s gone to bed. If I didn’t we’d have a house full of rubbish!

This week I decided to be a good mummy and actually let him make something out of them, so we’ve been saving them for a few days. I was a little alarmed to realise just how much toilet roll we go through to be honest, but in this case, that’s a good thing. These are really simple to make, and you could just make animals, robots, aliens or even buildings, if it’s not Halloween (not that you can’t have evergreen monsters).

All you need is:monsters teeth and eyes

  • Toilet roll tubes, or any other tubes, you could even roll a piece of card and tape it.
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Paints
  • Card. Googly eyes would be good, but we didn’t have any so I cut circles out of the card.
  • Glue

What you’re going to do:

  • First with your card, cut out the shapes you want for the teeth and eyes if you need them, paint the teeth fun colours and leave to dry.
  • Paint the tubes. For monsters try to pick fun Halloween colours, such as purple, orange and green.The Boy painting
  • Go and have a cup of tea while it all dries. painted tubes for monsters
  • Poke a hole through each side of the tube, so you can push the arms through. I used scissors for this and then thought “why didn’t you just use a pencil?”
  • Push a pipe cleaner through the holes to make arms, try to use a colour that contrasts the body to make it really fun.
  • Stick on the eyes and teeth. Try giving them different amounts of eyes to make them really funny.

The Boy really enjoyed this, he wants to make a “zu-bat” next week, so we’ll be saving more tubes.

playing with monsters

My Petit Canard

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