Meal plan week Four: A Taste of the World

This week has been about been about saving money, using up leftovers and still finding the time to try new things. We have our favourites like everyone else, but in amongst trying to avoid having cottage pie every single Monday, I like to try at least one new meal a week. This week I managed to fit two in somehow!

Monday – Beef Stew

We had roast beef on Sunday. So, there was loads left and I made a stew. We’d had Stifado the week before and the difference is stunning. Both yummy, but entirely different flavours…perhaps I’ll avoid beef next week!

Tuesday – Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma

On Tuesday I had a go at making a chicken korma. I’ve made a few curries now, so I’ve got a cupboard bursting (literally!) with spices. I think I only had to buy almonds for this. That first curry you made, the list is a little overwhelming, but now when I’m planning a curry recipe, I’ve got near enough everything, so I get to have fun experimenting a bit more.

This one was a bit hit. I like spicy food, but often enjoy the flavours of the milder options more. I usually make my own naan’s, but we had some in the freezer from a raid on a reduced aisle.

Wednesday – Blue Cheese Pasta

Once we’d sent kids home/to dad’s/to bed, me and husband enjoyed a glass of wine and a blue cheese pasta. This is one of our favourite date night meals. It’s super simple and fast, but the flavours are great, and it’s something the kids don’t like.

Thursday – Pork Souvlaki

On Thursday I made pork souvlaki kebabs. We’ve done chicken loads of times, so this isn’t hugely new. I make my own flatbreads and tzatziki, which is quite time-consuming. But the rest is literally throw marinade on some pork and cook it when you are ready.

Friday – Chicken and Leek Pie…Again

Friday we still had about 9 billion slices of chicken and leek pie in the freezer from the huge slab husband made a few weeks ago. Whenever he makes something at work he gets excited and makes it at home for me to try. Sometimes there’s nothing better than having a freezer full of food you can just throw in the oven. Even if it means you’ve had pie for 3 weeks in a row.

Saturday – Treat Night Takeaway

We had a super treat Saturday. This marked the start of my first week off work in over a year. So we made the kids spaghetti Bolognese (their favourite) and sent them to bed early so we could pig out on a huge takeaway!

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