Our Eleven Month Routine

I often find myself wondering “is this what The Boy did when he was this age?” or indeed, “Isn’t she meant to have more naps?!” but I really can’t remember. The Boy seemed to be a baby for a really long time, I don’t know if it’s because I’m more prepared this time, or that she is just easier, but it seems to have passed a lot faster, and I find I barely remember the details of The Boys routines to compare. So just in case there’s ever a third, or to help any other mums struggling with a routine, I’ve decided to start writing them up.


  • The Girl wakes up at about 6:30, but normally is quite content to lie and talk to her toys for a bit, she isn’t a crying waker.
  • She normally has breakfast at 7am, cheerios. Loads of them.
  • 8-9am she has 5oz of milk from a Sippy cup. She breastfed until 8 months, and to start with we had a really hard time getting her to drink formula. 6oz in a day was an achievement.
  • 10am she sometimes goes for a 30-minute nap. But not every day anymore.
  • 12 lunch time. She eats anything now, whatever we fancy. Normally a sandwich or jacket potato, something light. Her favourite lunch is a cheese sandwich and some cherry tomatoes. She loves feeding herself, anything I put in her mouth she takes out and does it herself. She has some water now too, out of a cup.
  • 1pm Another 5oz milk
  • 2pm an hour nap. I sometimes have to wake her to go get The Boy from school.
  • 3-4pm She plays quite happily on her own while The Boy tells me about his day and does some reading. They both have a fruit snack and some water.
  • 5pm Dinner, again just a family meal, pasta is a favourite. With a yogurt or fruit for pudding.
  • 6pm last 5oz of milk.
  • 6:15pm we start the bath and bedtime routine. She really enjoys playing in the bath and normally cries getting out. At bedtime she’s started happily listening to a story, chatting and giggling back. She’s only seemed interested in the last few weeks.
  • She’s generally asleep between 6:45 and 7pm, and sleeps until morning.

Other things to note/remember.

  • At 11 months she has her 2 bottom front teeth, but only got them 2 weeks ago.
  • She stands unassisted, can bend to get to things without falling, and walk holding on, but doesn’t seem interested in walking yet.
  • She crawls 9000mph
  • She’s still going through a strange pulls her own hair out and eats it phase.
  • Her favourite games are putting things into other things, pretending to be on the phone (but only ever to daddy) and waving at everyone.
  • She cries now when Daddy goes to work. But isn’t bothered what mummy does.
  • As yet teething hasn’t been a problem. We haven’t even noticed it happening until she’s woken up with a little tooth poking out. Fingers crossed that will continue.
  • She absolutely loves Thomas the Tank Engine and does a little dance when she hears the music.

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