Sixth Birthday Gift Guide

The Boy is 6 on Friday. Which I can’t believe. It has gone so fast. Especially the last few years, which have absolutely flown by. Finding the right gift can be difficult. In some ways, I like his toys now. They are more interesting. His books for example, I actually enjoy reading with him. We’re reading The Midnight Gang, by David Walliams at the moment, which is really good fun. And I like that his toys have started to get smaller. Finding space for new, massive, toddler toys after Christmas, is always difficult.

But, in many ways it’s become more difficult. He’s too old for quite a few things. But then still not really old enough for many others. He’s got so much Lego, I’m reluctant to buy more, and if you ask him, he’ll say “DS games”, but I firmly believe that at 6, he’s still a little boy, and shouldn’t yet be glued to a video game all the time. He’s allowed to play his DS or Tablet in the hour or so, between having a drink and snack while telling me about his school day, and dinner. After dinner, its off. So, I refuse to just buy him console games.

the boy six

So, what does that leave? Here is what we went for.


Yes, I know. I said no more Lego. But, I always buy more Lego. He’s started to get quite good at building it himself, and following the instructions. While I no longer buy Star Wars, or City, because he’s got loads, I don’t mind as much if it’s something different. For Christmas I got him a Minecraft set (what is Minecraft?! I’ve got literally no idea! Is it a game??) and for his birthday, we are going to see The Batman Lego Movie, so I’ve brought him a small Batman Lego set. LEGO 70900 “The Joker Balloon Escape” Building Toy

batman lego

DS Game

Again, I’m aware I said no DS games. But one won’t hurt. He’s only got 3! I find these a bit hard to pick too. Some seem far too young, where others are too difficult. He’s got one of the Pokémon games, but there’s lots of walking around talking, and he just hasn’t got the patience. I’ve gone for Lego The Hobbit. Combining his favourite book, with his favourite toys! He got Lego star wars for Christmas, and struggled with it for the first few goes, but he’s completed it now, so he must have figured it out.


I’ve brought him a set of big over ear Pokémon headphones. When I was younger it was all about earbuds, and everything being as small as possible. But apparently silly giant headphones are in now. He’ll think these are really cool. And I won’t have to hear all the daft DS sound effects anymore. A gift for us all!

Hero Mashers

We like Hero mashers, as they come in all different types, and it doesn’t hugely matter if you lose someone’s arm, just add another! We got some great deals after Christmas, including a £5 Hero masher. I used to get annoyed by a February Birthday, but now I utilise sales, and also buy him add ons to Christmas presents.

Star Wars Figures

He’s getting really into action figures, and plays with them all together. His knights will battle his Power Rangers. Again, we got some really good deals, including a Finn for £2.50.

A Calendar

One of the best things about a February Birthday, is calendar sales. While he does like to have a calendar up, and he gets quite excited about changing the months, he’s too young to care that he’s missed a month. I think having a calendar gives him a better sense of time. Days, months and so on. And helping me mark things on it gives him a sense of responsibility, as well as things to look forward to. We brought a Rouge One calendar in January for £2.

Crayola Set

As a young child, he was never that bothered about drawing or colouring. Which I think, in part, affected his hand writing. Over the last year, he’s started to enjoy it a lot more. But, because its new to us, he hasn’t got much. So, my in laws have brought him a fantastic Crayola set, full of coloured pens and pencils, with their own carry case. It’s also a great way for him to keep them separate from his sisters.

colouring in

A Lego Alarm Clock

He loves having a clock, so this is a great gift. My parents brought him a giant Storm Trooper alarm clock. I’ve also brought him a Lego watch, so we can start learning to tell the time. He understands a digital clock, but as yet there hasn’t been any need to learn analogue.

Board Game

There is a great range of Junior versions of more adult games. We’ve got monopoly and cluedo, which he loves. He prefers them to the more childish games I think (except Hungry Hippos. Obviously) and I much prefer playing them with him. So for his birthday, I’ve brought him Game of Life Junior. I’ve never played Game of Life, so I’m quite excited! Board Games make a great gift, as it gets the family spending time together.

board games



*This post contains affiliate links, but is 100% honest.

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