Surviving the School Run

I’m awful at the school run. The Boy and Girl get up at 6:20, and we live almost next door to the school. Yet I still can’t do it. In reception I put this down to the stress of getting a new-born baby ready, as well as helping The Boy, and breast feeding constantly, not to mention the 20 nappies that could need changing before 8:30. It’s year one now, The Boy is considerably better at getting himself ready, I no longer breast feed, and at 11 months old her days of being mummy’s excuse are running out. Yet still, we end up in a mad last 10 minute rush to get everyone out of the door on time, the more stressed I get, the naughtier The Boy gets, the more stressed I get, the naughtier The Boy gets, and so on.

I’m about to give you some advice on how to manage it without killing anyone. Now I know you’ve just read about how awful I am, but you don’t need to be good at something to teach other people, give me a chance…and if you’ve got any tips that might help, please do drop me a comment.

  • Preparation is key! Get everyone’s clothes out and ready the night before.
  • Know where your keys are! I actually had to phone Hunky Husband one day, he’d locked up when he went to work, and my keys had been eaten by the key monster, we were trapped.
  • Have any school things ready, book bag, PE kit, check the night before to see if anything different is needed and sort it. Leave all these by the door, with coats and shoes.
  • Be prepared for any unexpected weather changes, have sun cream and/or hats and scarves ready, or at least know where they are.
  • If possible keep everything that’s going to be needed low down, The Boy quite happily gets his own cereal and bits ready in the morning if I’m dealing with The Girl.
  • Breakfast first, then wash and teeth, then get dressed. This avoids turning up to school, with what when you left home seemed to just be a splash of water, but has now dried into a giant toothpaste stain all over the nice clean school jumper.
  • No TV until they are completely dressed. Why on Earth can they not manage to put socks on if the TV is on?!
  • If there’s a baby, change the nappy an hour before you’re due to leave. Then when the inevitable happens, and it poos in the nice clean nappy, you will have plenty of time to change it again.
  • Keep emergency breakfast bars in, in case it all goes wrong.
  • Again if there’s a baby, invest in a sling or carrier. I don’t wear The Girl a lot, but it’s been so helpful for school runs, there’s not much room in the classroom when everyone’s running around to get things ready, and he has to go to a million sections, to find his indoor shoes, hang his coat, change his books, choose his dinner, do his morning work. Free hands to help are always great.

Run it with a military style precision, don’t stress, keep calm. Don’t forget to have breakfast, and you know, shower,  yourself and the only problem will be turning up early and having to talk to people


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14 thoughts on “Surviving the School Run”

  • We’re always rushing despite living close to the school to. Definitely agree with getting everything ready the night before and a baby carrier makes it so much easier sometimes when you need to have your hands free. Good tip about brushing teeth before getting dressed – those toothpaste marks can be deceptive sometimes! #familyfun

  • I think the closer you live to where you need to be the later you are, I was always late for school and I could see it from my house! I’m dreading having to be out the house for a set time, having a one and two year old we had no requirements to be anywhere yet. The thought of getting us all out for 8.30 scares me. Your tip about keys is fab I am always that person running around looking for their keys whilst everyone is waiting by the door to go out! Thank tou for sharing at #familyfun xx

    • I’d agree with that, at school I had a friend that was always late, but we couldn’t understand it, she lived over the road. Now that’s me!

  • Lol, I always think the nearer you live the later you’ll be. We do morning club so 3 days a week need to be 30 minutes earlier than normal. We just have a strict routine, but it’s always the last 5 minutes when N doesn’t get coat and shoes on when I ask, faffing. We’ve not been late yet, although my 15 minute allowance for a 12 minute journey on a friday for pick up, via another village with a school, is often hairy!

    Thanks for linking up to #schooldays

    • No we’ve not been late yet either, but our school let you in at 8:40, and you can stay for 10 minutes to do morning work with them and help then get ready for the day, we’ve always made 8:50, it’s like having a 10 min buffer!

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