The Boy at Six

The Boy is six in a few weeks. I don’t understand how this has happened, at all. It is passing so quickly. The first three years of his life, were a little all over the place. Me and his Dad broke up when he’d just turned one. Then I was in a horrible relationship for a while. Then we lived alone for a year. For the second three years, we’ve been nice and settled. Hunky Husband moved in, his Dad also got married. We all get on, and I would say co-parent very effectively, and more importantly, nicely.

boy posing


I think, generally he loves school. He’ll have the odd day when he says he doesn’t want to go. But its normally a Monday, when we’ve had a nice weekend, and he doesn’t make a fuss. He enjoys dinner time, getting to choose what he eats, and I think he actually quite likes the work. This week his favourite subject is maths, but it changes frequently. When he was in reception, he played with everyone, and was always busy. Now quite often I ask who he has played with, and he will say “no one” or “I just walked around on my own”, when I ask why sometimes its “I didn’t want to play what they were playing” or “they wouldn’t let me”. Which does worry me slightly, but he seems happy enough, and plays on his own a lot at home, so I suppose to him its normal.


He loves reading. I believe in their school’s levels, he’s reading to year 3 or 4 standards. He can read most things. We are reading “The Midnight Gang” at the moment, which he’s really enjoying.

the boy reading


In reception, and at the start of year one, writing was the one thing he struggled with. As a younger child, he was never very interested in drawing or colouring, so wasn’t completely comfortable holding a pen when he started school. However, in the last few months, he has improved massively. He’s doing very well, and even drawing a lot more. He’ll sit and write words and sentences to practise.


He loves the girl massively. He can we very sweet with her. If she’s crying at night he will go in and read her a story, or find her favourite toy. But he’s never quite got the hang of being careful or quiet. He gets very excited around her. I try to tell him that when she’s his age, and shouting at him all the time, he will be 11, playing on his Xbox and really annoyed. He can’t quite comprehend this though, so he continues to be a bit of a pain.



He still loves Star Wars, dinosaurs, Lego and soldiers. He really is the typical little boy. He’s a contradiction in many ways. While he can sit quietly, of his own accord, writing, reading, or doing maths. When he’s playing, he screams, shouts, runs around like crazy, and generally never shuts up! Even when he’s playing on his DS, he doesn’t stop screaming. I have noticed him calming down slightly this year, his periods of being able to do something quietly on his own are getting longer. So, we will see how that continues.


He’s good really, just has his moments. Which I guess is typical of any six year old. He can be a very sweet and caring little boy, and I’m very excited to watch him grow and develop. Hopefully he might start growing more slowly however, he is already in 8-9 clothes.

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