Toilet Roll Tube Crafts

toilet roll tube binoculars

Dinosaur Hunter Toilet Roll Tube Binoculars

We made fossils last week, which was an awesome activity. We’ve since been hiding them around the house to play excavations! The Boy absolutely loves dinosaurs, so this keeps him occupied for hours. He’s even talking about writing a book ...
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Toilet Roll Tube Heart Garland

We haven’t done a toilet roll tube craft for a while. While we were in house move mode we were even throwing them away. I refused to pack toilet roll tubes!! But, we’ve been saving them again for the 3 ...
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toilet roll tube minions

Toilet Roll Tube Minions

I LOVE these. The toilet roll tube minions are definitely my new favourites. For some reason putting something on a toilet roll tube seems to make it instantly cuter and minions were pretty cute in the first place. The Bobsy ...
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flying swing

Toilet Roll Tube X-Wing

We’ve been stuck in with chicken pox since last Friday. I am going crazy! It’s just The Boy so far, but I’m expecting Bobsy to get it soon which I Know is a good thing but it means probably another ...
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turtle craft

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toilet Roll Tubes Craft

I remember watching The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was a kid. It was never a favourite, but I was a huge tomboy and the boys on my street liked it. So, I played games with them. The Boy ...
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Toilet Roll Tube Knights

Where possible we try to keep our toilet roll crafts seasonal. At Christmas, we had snowmen and an advent calendar, approaching Easter we made chicks and bunny’s and now there are toilet roll tube knights. While knights may not seem ...
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Spring Chicks Toilet Roll Tube Craft

I am absolutely, completely and utterly, loving the Spring vibe. Admittedly, as I write this, we’ve had 2 rainy days, and lots of horrible wind. But, before then, it was Springy. I’ve been out in just a light jacket. And, ...
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toilet roll tube easter bunny

Easter Bunny Toilet Roll Tube Craft

We made crème egg brownies today. So, to go along with this Spring/Easter theme, we decided to do some Easter based toilet roll tube crafting. And what’s more Eastery than an Easter Bunny? I love that Spring is finally upon ...
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Toilet Roll Tube Robots

Regular readers, will be aware that we love a good toilet roll tube craft in our house. We never throw them away, as their such a great crafting resource, there is so much you can make from a toilet roll ...
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Star Wars Toilet Roll Craft

We have today combined two of our greatest loves. Toilet roll tube craft, and Star Wars to make Star Wars toilet roll tubes. We are a family of Star Wars fans. Me and Hunky Husband love it, The Boy loves ...
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